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Asfandijarov A.Z., History of villages and villages of Bashkortostan and adjacent territories.
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In stories of many villages and villages the word "teptyar" meets

     Teptayr - not ethnos, not a nationality, and estate. Among scientists there is no coordinated definition. First, they are pripushchennik (from the word pass to come), i.e. landless peasants. Landless Bashkirs also were called as pripushchennik. For example, one landless Bashkir of the village Starousmanovo Akhmatsha Akhmadullin (the immigrant from Sarayla's village) in agricultural census of 1917 even called the nationality "pripushchennik". There is a lot of such examples. From the beginning of national colonization the institute of pripushchennik gains further development. Thereby their national structure becomes complicated. Representatives of landless Tatar, Mishar, Mari, Mordovian, Udmurt and Chuvash peasants joined ranks the Bashkir-pripushchennikov. On time pro-procession many of them ranked themselves as Tatars.

Origin of the social term "teptyar" interpret differently. Some connect it with the word "defter", i.e. the landless peasants registered - "daftar"; others, for example Anwar Zakirovich Asfandiyarov - the known researcher-historian, prove the version about an origin of this word from tataro-Bashkir "type" — to kick, reject, oppress, i.e. forced out and left the communities for any reason. There is a version - when Ivan the Terrible violently started christening Muslims, in one village, rejecting a violent baptism, allegedly started kicking a Christian cross - "type тарэнэ". "Type" - (to kick), "tare" - "incorrect" that it is possible to translate as "to kick - a cross" - there was a name tiptyar, teptyar. Thus, it is absolutely clear that "teptyar" not ethnos, not a nationality, and the estate formed of several ethnoses.

In more detail - Article on stories teptyary

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