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Kul Sharif mosque

Kul Sharif mosque complex

     Kul Sharif mosque complex is located in the western part of the fortress. Designed as a single architectural ensemble, which includes a mosque, a memorial stone building and a tour desk. Now consists of four buildings, restored to different periods.

     Kul Sharif mosque

     When included in the UNESCO World Heritage List was considered appropriate to the construction of the memorial mosque on the principle of balance of cultures and faiths. Construction of Mosque in Kazan Kremlin played an important role in the consolidation of the two main peoples living on the territory of Tatarstan and in the performance of the principle balance of cultures and faiths in the Kremlin. Kul Sharif mosque is also a memorial to the fallen defenders of the city of Kazan. In function of the museum of Islamic mosque is designed to solve the problem of historical continuity center of education, which was a mosque in the complex with a madrassa in the XVI century. Based imam Kul Sharif.
     The mosque was built in 1996-2005. project writing team of architects firm "Tatinvestgrazhdanproekt" including: A.V. Golovin, A.I. Iskhakov, I.F. Saifullin, A.K. Sattar, M.V. Safronov, S.P. Shakur.
     Creation of the final draft of the mosque was preceded competition to develop mosque project, held under the auspices of the Union of Architects of the Republic of Tatarstan. Following two rounds of a project was developed to unify the ideas and concepts of a number of contestants. The project envisages the courtyard of the mosque up considering differential relief on two platforms: the top - for ritual, lower - to the museum and sightseeing activities.
     Kul Sharif mosque building in terms of a two intersected at an angle of 45° in the form of a square in the Muslim world famous sign, which means "God's blessings." The walls are eight intersecting lancet arches, framed in marble carved verses from the Koran and ornamental braids. In parts of the walls are inscribed formed high arched windows filled with stained-glass windows. The resulting eight-space covered vosmilotkovoy roof. central volume of space covered by the dome in the center with the top at a height of 36 m dome is cut windows in the form of tulips. It is associated with an associative Kazan cap. Two-story entrance lobby half cylinder adjacent to the main volume with two psevdominaretami, accenting the entrance. Second floor hangs over the entrance, leaning on round columns. In the corners of the main volume are four main minarets 55 meters Mosque also has 2 small minaret and 2 more in the corners of the main entrance portal. Total number of crescents is 8 - the number of minarets historic mosque Kul Sharif existed, according to the descriptions in the XVI century on the territory of the Khan's Kremlin.
     Internal volume of the building has 5 floors, including the ground and technical, and several intermediate-level platforms, auxiliary and technical purposes.
     In the three floors above ground is the main entrance lobby with a group of premises imam prayer hall and balcony-gallery for women.
     In the basement, forming stilobat building, projected female distribution lobby, rooms for bathing, dressing, and Museum of Islam.
     Entrance to the mosque is organized with the main prayer area on the north side of the building, the entrance to the Museum of Islam - with the lower southern platform.
     Ritual space and museum destination strictly zoned, "male" and "female" are streams of visitors and provided with separate entrances and exits.
     The decoration of the building used unique decorating, corresponding to the rank of the building, such as ceramic panels and painting made in technology XVI, Carved alabaster, Roman mosaics, hand-carved wood and stone, classic stained glass and colored glass baking technology, gilding work and gold embroidery, facing facade with marble and granite. Hardwood floors male and female hall covered with Persian carpets.
     The interior materials used natural stone - granite, marble of various colors, marble onyx, serpentine.

     Memorial stone dedicated tab mosque

     February 21, 1996 in the former Cadet schools solemnly laid a memorial sign on the future site of Kul Sharif mosque, the construction of which was announced by the Decree of the President of Tatarstan M.Shaimiev (13 November 1995): "In order to maintain historical continuity recreate the building of the mosque Kul Sharif... "The text of the decree placed on the stone. Since the beginning of active construction stone was moved to the north of the mosque. Area in front of a mosque and a stone intended for religious rituals during major Muslim holidays.

     Building firehouse

     Firehouse building ("skullcap") is part of the mosque Kul Sharif mosque is located south of the building and is associated with stylistically. With the Kul Sharif Mosque intersect the shape and color of the dome, the completion of the dome (only without the crescent) and the same finishing materials (marble).

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