"Neftekamsk. The Chronicle dates and events"
All materials and images are printed with permission of Fedor Dmitrievich Bredneva

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     The cities, as well as people, have the shape, character, the biography. The book which you hold in hand, and is the biography of the city of Neftekamsk. The desire to create it appeared not incidentally, first, to the city 45 years are executed, secondly, the set of historical documents which were cornerstone of the book collected.
     Over the book I worked four years. I set a goal to show chronology of events of everything that occurred in the settlement and the city for all years, and to illustrate events with documents, photos. Very much the hobby for the photo, love to study of local lore and, of course, journalistic work helped. Without correspondent notebooks I couldn't shine all events so in detail.
     In operating time over the book I met eyewitnesses of described events, I worked with archives of known people in the city, photographers, I read filings of city and multiproduction newspapers. There is a wish to express huge gratitude to all who helped me with writing of this book, especially - administrations of the city district, I felt support and which help always.
     This laborious work so carried away me that I fell in love with the city stronger love. And what turned out - to judge the book to you. With pleasure I will accept your remarks and offers.
     Fedor Brednev


     Rich oil pools on Kama have given life to a new city. In the middle of last century the rich deposit of oil here was revealed, in 1955 the first has been received kamskaya oil and building of a new city has begun.
     The life river is infinite. In the power of its relentless movement we often do not reflect about true, eternal. We walk on familiar streets, habitually we greet, without being surprised with evolved trees, we pass through childhood court yard. We are dissolved in the small native land and we do not give the report in how it for us is important.
     The small native land - a place where we live where we find the destiny and calling where our children grow.
     The city of Neftekamsk became such lovely corner for hundred thousand people. The city which has grown for very short term and has turned to the largest industrial and cultural centre of a northwest part of republic.
     The city promptly grew, has passed only eight years as the tent working settlement has turned to a city. On fields where the feather grass shook, many-storeyed houses, schools, hospitals, culture establishments have grown.
     The next 45 years have been devoted a constructive labour for the sake of city formation. The people building a city, "have for ever infected" with its enthusiasm, cheerfulness, optimism, enthusiasm, romanticism, as is now felt in "character" of Neftekamsk. The whole generations of the people loving the city have grown, wishing to make it better and better.
     Probably, because petrogetters have written the first line in the history of Neftekamsk, this trade always was and remains to one of the most honourable in a city.
      Intensive development of underground pantries has caused of building of the Karmanovsky state district power station. It today by right name a leader of the Bashkir power. One of the thermal stations largest in Ural Mountains, it feeds with the electric power not only a considerable part of Bashkortostan, but also a number of the next regions. Thanks to development of the newest technologies, manufacture modernisations, a state district power station works in an optimum mode, that is why on profitability of manufacture among the first in Russia.
     One of the largest enterprises of Neftekamsk joint-stock company "NefAZ" which is one of the basic manufacturers of passenger buses in Russia. Today the factory lets out more than 1200 buses in a year, Neftekamsk cars serve the majority of regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, the countries of the Near East.
     For more ten thousand townsmen the car factory became a work place. Production made by factory, was awarded time and again by the diploma of the All-Russia competition of "100 best goods of Russia".
     Among stably working enterprises of Neftekamsk and factory of the oil-field equipment. With petroleum industry development became obvious that without the specialised enterprise for major repairs of technics and manufacturing of spare parts of the chisel and oil-field equipment it will be impossible to provide normal work of getters of "oil". The decision to create Neftekamsk central base of industrial service was accepted. Thus, more thirty years ago has received a start in life specialised enterprise NZNO which and successfully provides today requirements and petrogetters. The factory masters new technologies, for working out of a non-polluting method of regenerative repair of electric cars the enterprise is awarded the diploma in competition 100 best goods of Russia 2007.
     Open joint-stock company "Iskozh" is not only the leader in republic, but also one of large manufacturers in Russia artificial skin, linoleum, an oilcloth, film materials, foam rubber, automobile fabrics. The factory last years actively invests means in manufacture modernisation. In factory territory one more enterprise Neftekamsk factory of nonwoven materials has taken place. In the near future the factory assumes to become the enterprise largest in Russia for release of nonwoven materials.
     With the big satisfaction the city watches successes of Neftekamsk machine-building factory which constantly works over increase of the innovative potential. At the expense of realisation of effective investment activity here have managed to provide essential decrease in the cost price, considerably to increase volumes of output.
     Strengthening of industrial potential probably only at perfection of capacities and technologies, studying of demand of the market, manufacture modernisation. These problems put before themselves the enterprises of mechanical engineering and city light industry.
     Many awards of republican and All-Russia competitions note products Neftekamsk factories. It was required to a few time that the small shop of the Ufa factory on release of leather products has turned to the independent factory which production uses a great demand and makes a worthy competition of the import. Only in 2007 194 new models of bags have been started in manufacture. For originality of execution and high quality production factory has received the gold diploma of the winner of republican competition the Best goods 2007.
     Satisfy requirements of domestic market dairy plant and meat-processing plant. Daily to hundred best quality product names and for every taste lets out a city bread-baking complex. Today more than 30 percent of townspeople are occupied in small-scale business. Occurrence in a city of motor shows, the entertaining centres, trading networks and other objects says that the enterprises of small and average business bring the considerable contribution to formation of an infrastructure of a city.
     Neftekamsk name one of the pure and arranged well cities of republic. Dynamical development of the enterprises allows to raise well-being of townspeople, to solve city problems. The certificate to that is the third place in competition the arranged Most well city of Republic Bashkortostan in the first group of cities following the results of 2006 and a special prize in a nomination Active attraction of investments into the city environment in competition the arranged Most well city of Russia.
     It is necessary to notice that the basic part of investments is directed on erection of apartment houses. Neftekamsk takes the third place in republic on habitation input. Are placed in operation and objects of commercial appointment. The shape of a city changes every year, objects in modern style are erected and reconstructed. The Ice palace, the Bashkir grammar school, the Rotkovsky educational centre which have been constructed in record-breaking short terms became an ornament of a city and a gift for inhabitants.
     Neftekamsk - a city young. Middle age of inhabitants only 34 years. Probably, therefore the life rhythm here prompt all changes with huge speed. Thousand young daily cross a threshold of schools. And if children sat at school desks in barracks today's schoolboys comprehend sciences at the new spacious, well equipped typical schools.
     In a city innovative educational institutions with various biases operate. By results of the republican subject Olympic Games Neftekamsk schoolboys occupy prize-winning places, it and is an essential indicator of work of pedagogical collectives.
     In a city the developed network of professional educational institutions of an average and initial link and branches of high schools first of all, branch of the Bashkir state university that gives the chance professional trainings for various branches without population outflow for city boundaries is located. It is developed in a city and additional education system. Neftekamsk is included into a three of the best cities of Bashkortostan on coverage of children and teenagers is art-aesthetic education.
     By right it is possible to name a city "sports". And not only because Neftekamsk has fine sports constructions and can boast of achievements of hundreds , the champions who have won titles and prize-winners in the most prestigious competitions on many sports. The main achievement of Neftekamsk in physical training - mass character.
     Neftekamsk throughout many years by right is considered the cultural centre of northwest region of republic. Our city well-known and as the festival centre: it became the initiator and a venue of 15 bright and original festivals and competitions of different scale. High creative potential and mastery of Exemplary children's musical theatre "Turgay", Exemplary ensemble of modern ball both estradno-sports dance "Victoria" and other collectives well-known and outside of republic. We by right are proud of successes of ensemble "Victoria" which in 2007 became the owner of the Gold cup in the Championship of Russia on the dancing show, passing in frameworks of the World dancing Olympic Games in Moscow.
     Pride of Neftekamsk is own philharmonic society having the status state, and art gallery "Miras" where venerable artists of Bashkortostan and Russia are exposed.
     At each city the history, briefly about Neftekamsk also you will not tell. This place where life is in full swing where there live people who are united by ability to work hard and aspiration to improve the city that it became stronger, safe and prospering. Inhabitants of Neftekamsk speak about the city with love. And among sights by all means name the remarkable pine pine forest located almost in city centre. Their this favourite vacation spot and in the winter, and in the summer. A lot of remarkable and in vicinities of the rivers Kamas and the Buoy. In the most picturesque corners numerous health resorts, bases of rest, camp nurseries are located.
     At everyone Inhabitant of Neftekamsk the history, the destiny are connected with a city, and everyone names the different reasons of love and attachment to a city. Of the small there is big, and, of course, a city in which there live the people filled kind, with warm feelings to him, is doomed on long and happy summer.

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