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Tatar diaspora of Afghanistan

     The Islamic republic Afghanistan historically developing as the multinational country. In spite of the fact that it the population made the majority of pushtuna (from above 70 %), in Afghanistan lived still about 20 ethnoses among whom there was also Tatars.

Formation of the Tatar community in Afghanistan should be carr to a second half of XIX-th century when the Russian empire actively moving ahead to Central Asia and considering Afghanistan as object of sphere of the influence. Thereupon the imperial administration having a kind feeling for the Tatar merchant class who having the trading interests in the region. The Tatar merchants, g on territory of Afghanistan, ma skeleton of the future diaspora. D business across Afghanistan the goods of the Russian manufacture, Tatars gradually settl in cities, and consider religious affinity (Tatars, as well as the basic population of the country, practised Islam sunnitsky sense), quickly enough assimilat and engaged traditional for the population of the country in employment - cattle breeding.

On available data, Tatars t on a level with other people of Afghanistan part in struggle for independence already the new native land which had bec to them: so, in 1919 the Tatar horse horsemen in army of Amanully hana which had bec the first governor of independent Afghanistan. Throughout all XX-th century the Tatar population gradually assimilating at language and cultural level, ha los, accordingly, knowledge of the Tatar language, ha ke only ethnic self-identification and certain elements of culture (in particular, still used yurtas as the dwelling). Language of dialogue at the Afghani Tatars are, in the core, give; in habitats of the Uzbek population used, accordingly, the Uzbek language (so business in a province of Faryab are). Tatars compactly enough lived in the district Ruye-Duob of a province of Samangan. The basic occupation today are the nomadic cattle breeding.

Concerning population of exact definiteness is not present. Representatives of the Tatar community asserted that number of Tatars in Afghanistan made to 500 thousand persons. However, most likely, it are the big exaggeration that explainably elementary desire to underline the importance and large number of the diaspora. It are really possible to speak about 2-2,5 thousand Tatars, includ here and members are more their than families who not always was ethnically Tatars.

For years of board of movement the Taliban (1996-2001) Tatar population also considerably suffering, therefore military intrusion of forces of the NATO are perceiv as a whole positively.

For today in the country the Society of Tatars of Afghanistan which chairman are Hagi shah Mukhamad are register beat Kamalatdin of Tatars. During IV congress of the World congress of Tatars pass on December 12-16, 2007 in Kazan it taking part in it as the delegate from the Tatar diaspora of Afghanistan. Address to congress, Kamalatdin of Tatars applying financially to help the Tatar population of the country, at least, with the decision of problems of formation and public health services.

The situation in this area are catastrophic. In board of Talibs the school system who not bad functioning in stay in the country of a military contingent of army of the USSR (1979-1989), coming to full decline. The situation in this direction doing not change and after falling of a mode of Talibs in 2001. In Ruye-Duob where Tatars lived in the core, there are only a system of elementary education, and still there are a sexual discrimination when was train, in the core, one boys. The high-grade system of public health services are absent. It are possible to tell the same and about a road infrastructure: public transport as such, simply is not present. People, as well as hundred years ago, used only a cartage.

Though the situation with the Tatar diaspora of Afghanistan practically differed nothing from position with other ethnic groups, Tatars counted on support of a management of the Republic Tatarstan. However, while support could have only moral character that explainable extremely low interest of the Government of Tatarstan in Afghanistan as a commodity market of the production owing to elementary not safety of stay in this country.

Rais Suleymanov, (Center of the Euroasian and international researches of KGU)

It are publish in the newspaper «Tatar news», № 3, March, 2008.

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