Татары без границ
Tatars without borders
Website created for the history, traditions and the best people of the nation.
Beautiful people, their traditions, language, history of his ancestors, disappears.
"Babasynyn kaberen belmegen, tormyshnyn kaderen belmes" - "Not knowing a grave of the grandfather, life value doesn't learn."

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The project is created 08/05/2011
Татары без границ
Татары без границ

The Tatars without borders

Modern research by a number of Tatar scholars and nationalists in the Bulgar origin Tatar Tatar nation any good won't do. The Tatars are a melting pot of many nationalities and we should be proud of. One cannot separate the Siberian Tatars, Nizhny Novgorod, Belarusian, Lithuanian, Polish, Penza, Astrakhan, mishars, krasen, nagajbakov and others. We only weaken our nation, let us be dragged down into small populations. Stolypin had suggested that every Tatar ethnic group distinct people with their own literary language and thus do away with the nation. When you answer a question of nationality - "Tatar", you feel behind millions of Tatars, and when you say "Bulgar", in addition to the association with the Bulgarian is nothing will.

Examples: in his younger years, during the Soviet era, in Samarkand, the station was approached by three local residents, there was a minor conflict. But when the question "where are you from?" I replied that the Tatar from Bashkiria, we heard cries of "Oh, Tatars, Tatars!" and the conflict was settled.

In the 90-ies, when in Western Ukraine were very tense relations with Russia, I visited several times in the Ivano-Frankivsk to his friend and neighbor friend said - "our Tatar arrived".

After that I through all life bear pride for Tatar, instead of a "Bulgar" nationality!

In my life I met a lot of travel in the Soviet Union with the Tatars. In Central Asia, they told me: "i Crimean Tatar", "i Kazan Tatar". In the Baltic States, coming together to Klaipeda, met the Tatars, who called themselves the Lithuanian Tatars.

To the shame, having lived till 50 years, I at all didn't know history of the nation. I knew the Tatar, Kazakh, Uzbek languages - but I couldn't write since the Tatar languages at school didn't teach, though I lived 10 years in Kazakhstan and then 30 years in Bashkiria.

Having become interested in history of the nation, I decided to look for information on the Internet. Site "Institute of the Tatar Encyclopedia" of Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan placed summaries about articles and books on stories of Tatars. But further it was necessary to look for on the Internet articles and books moreover in our business time, everything that found, for a fee (with rare exception).

And so, i decided to create a site like the personal page, placing on it articles from official state sites and archives, with an obligatory reference to the source.

In general, through difficulties - forward.

Welcome to a site!

     Some summaries about a site:

Ilsur Gayalov - thanks to your site I downloaded the Tatar music, very much I am grateful to you

Zuhra, Saratov - Ryakhmet! You are engaged in a great cause. Good luck to you and health!!!

Dinara Erzina (Sims), Netherlands - Thank you that created such site!

Unsigned - Incidentally I found your site. I learned a lot of the interesting. Thank you for huge work!

Dear friends of the site!
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The only condition of a reprint and relaying is the obligatory reference to the source.
Any prior consent to a reprint of materials of a site "Tatars without Borders" it isn't required.
Materials from sites are used ru.wikipedia.org, www.pravitelstvorb.ru, Disput.Az, tatarstan.ru, www.ite.antat.ru, tataroved.ru, islamnews.ru, tatforum.info, www.archive.gov.tatarstan.ru. Huge to them gratitude.

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