Marziya Yusufovna Davudova

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Davudova of Marziya Yusufovna (1901 1962)

the Azerbaijan Soviet actress of theatre and cinema, the National actress of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic (1936), the national actress of the USSR (1949).


Marziya of Davudova were born in the city of Astrakhan on November 25 (on December 8), 1901 in the Tatar family.

In 1917 Marziya had step on the stage for the first time the Astrakhan Tatar drama theatre.

In 1920 the actress of the Azerbaijan theatre in Baku (nowadays the Azerbaijan drama theatre). Marziya of Davudova already with the first roles on a scene of the Azerbaijan theatre had dr to itself general attention high level of mastery, about the actress at once had start talking.

Marziya of Davudova were a member of the CPSU with 1942, were select the deputy of the Supreme body of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic (with 2nd on 5th convocation).

Marziya of Davudova had deceas in Baku on January 5, 1962. It are bur on the Avenue of an honourable burial place in Baku.

It were married behind the actor Abbas-Mirzoy Sharifzade which had been subject to repression in 1938.

Acknowledgement and awards

The Stalin award of second degree (1948) for a role of Gyulzar in performance Morning of the East E.G.Mamedkhanla);

National actress of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic (1936);

National actress of the USSR (1949);

It are award by 2 awards, and also medals.


Roles at theatre

1922 "Aydyn" of J. Dzhabbarla Gyultekin

1923 Royal bradobrey A.Lunacharskogo the Form

1923 An Oktay ale of ogla J. Dzhabbarla Firengiz

1928 The bride of fire J. Dzhabbarla Solmaz

1928 "Sevil" of J. Dzhabbarla Sevil

1929 "Lyubov Yarovaya" Trenyova Lyubov Yarovaya

1931 "Almas" of J. Dzhabbarla Yakhshi

1932 A.N.Afinogenova's "Fear" Clara

1934 destruction of a squadron Korneychuk Oksana

1939 "Hanlar" Vurguna Gyzyeter

Morning of the East Mamedkhanly Gyulzar

"Othello" Desdemona

"Macbeth" of Shakespeare lady Macbeth

A.N.Ostrovskogo "Guilty though guiltless" Kruchinina

A.N.Ostrovskogo's "Thunder-storm" Kabanikha

Vassa Zheleznova M. Gorky Vassa of Zheleznov

Guseyna Jaweed's "Sheikh Sanan" Humar

Siyavush Guseyna Jaweed Sudabe

Roles at cinema

1928 Gadzhi Gara

1950 Fires of Baku

1955 the Favourite song

1957 the Two from one quarter

1960 Kerogly

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