Tatars Visaginas

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Tatars Visaginas

Tatars in the town of Visaginas, lost in the lake and the forest edge of the Lithuanian Republic, came from all parts of the Soviet Union in the 80s of the twentieth century for the construction and operation of Ignalina nuclear power plant.

Love for his native land, native language, its origins created the preconditions for the unification compatriots .. The landmark 1997 - the year of the 600th anniversary of the settlement of Tatars in Lithuania - in Visaginas formed Tatar society.

In the same year began working Sunday Tatar class created amateur artistic group "Miras".

The main activity of the company is aimed at preserving the language, culture and promotion of the Tatar people Tatar culture in Lithuania. In Visaginas multinational operates a Sunday school class where Tatar has more than 10 years stretch headed our compatriot from Bashkiria Zilya Karimov. For long-term conservation valiant work of the Tatar language in a foreign environment in 2007, Tatarstan President M.Sh.Shaimiev awarded her an honorary title "Honored Teacher of the Republic of Tatarstan."

The Company cooperates with various government agencies and public organizations of Lithuania, the Tatar community in the Baltic countries, the Russian Embassy in Lithuania, maintains a close relationship with their historical homeland - Tatarstan.

Visaginas Tatars actively participate in the cultural life of the city, Lithuanian Tatars.

In Visaginas c 1996 annual festival is held "Sabantuy" with great success Days of Tatar culture.

When society there creative team "Miras", which was created in 1997.

The band members lovingly sing folk songs and familiar with the culture of Tatar residents. Ensemble "Miras" - participated in many international festivals. Team visited a concert in the cities of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

Name of the group - "Miras", which means "heritage" was not chosen by chance. Living away from their historical homeland, the band members are trying to preserve, develop and convey to the audience the whole beauty of Tatar folk melodies and songs to children and on Lithuanian soil grew up listening to and knowing their native culture and language.

In repertoire old folk and modern songs, folk dances and Tatar instrumental music.

For 10 years, the composition of the team changed. It is very encouraging that the team came to the young participants, the children who were born and raised in Lithuania already.

All 10 years group is directed by Lilia Mussina. She was born in s. Sapeevo Aznakaevsk district of Tatarstan. She graduated from the School of Music faculty in Almetyevsk and folk instruments in Vilnius Pedagogical University, works as a music teacher at the school Draugystes in Visaginas. Accompanist team all years is Zinnur Musin.

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