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Albina of Zakirova: Eldar Dzhangirov (Eldar Djangirov) — «America descending on it with mind»

Why with it signed million contracts?

The idea to make interview with Eldarom Dzhangirovym arising absolutely spontaneously. I will tell, how it were. At festival of Jazz music in a city of Pori to me advis to visit a concert of Eldar, it recommend as the unique pianist from Kirghizia which is masterly execut a jazz, subdu all America, and it in 22nd year! Certainly, I going to theater of Pori where the concert should take place. To a scene there ascend 3rd young man - Eldar Dzhangirov (piano), Armando Gola (bass player), Lyudvig Afonso (shock). At a concert of Eldar executing the products compos by it one and composition of a trio.

I looking round, in a hall there in the core, people representative, not youth. It appearing that it are not casual. Eldar played style a fusion, progressive a jazz, and this music are clear only to already tempt listener, that who knew much about a jazz and searched for something new. For me game of Eldar were absolutely space, both sounding, and technique delight, the impression were ma that it are already t place pianist.

It are a little biography about Eldar Dzhangirov. Eldar were born in Kirghizia, in Bishkek on January 28, 1987. The father, Emil - the mechanical engineer, mum, Tatyana - the music-master. His mother also becoming more its the music-master when to Eldaru were 3rd year. Father Eldara of the Tatar blood, a Dr.Sci.Tech., were fond of a collecting of jazz phonograph records so that round small Eldara there were permanently a music. In Kirghizia Eldara nam precisely the child prodigy, the boy permanently participating in various festivals, and eventually when he were 9 years old, on one of festivals in Novosibirsk Eldara noting, the future sponsor — Mac Uorter's (Charles McWhorter) Charles are more its, it were so amaz by abilities of the boy that organizing it arrival to the USA. Eldar receiving the grant on tutoring in summer camp for exceptional children at Centre of Arts in Interlokene on 4th year in the State of Michigan, going to school of are more St. Elisabetta and Bakstou's school in Kansas City the State of Missouri. During life in this city, yet without ha reach majority, Eldar beginning завоёвывать reputation of the present child prodigy, ha benefit an award of the show of NPR of Marian Makpartland. Besides it becoming the youngest musician t part in the show are more its. In 1998 the family of Dzhangirovykh moving at first to San Diego where it arriving in school of Fransis of Century of Parker, and then and to Los Angeles where it arriving in Torntonsky school of music at University of Southern California.

In America he won various competitions on the category "piano", and thanks to Virginia Wick in 15 years Eldar already had the first album which was reviewed by the largest jazz editions. Eldar debuted in Los Angeles Jazz Bakery, spoke at Lionel Hampton's festival, and recently, was put forward on the award "Grammy". Its albums are let out by the known sound recording company SONY, at present there are 3 albums: the debut album "Eldar" was republished in March the 2005, second album "Live at the Blue Note" in Mai 2006, "re-imagination" in June, 2007, and on August 25, 2009 will be published an album "Virtue".

Next day after the concert which had transit at theater in a city Pori (Finland), me as to the journalist, had the luck to communicate in Eldarom Dzhangirovym. I at all doing not know in what language there will be an interview, but it appearing that Eldar in perfection knew Russian and we possible manage before next a sound the check.

Urbanlife.fi: Hi, Eldar. I very much liking your concert, I are valid, were impressed, your performances transited worldwide, and whether there were you in Russia and in Tatarstan, I reading that your grandmother from Kazan, me as to the Tatar, very interesting.

Eldar Dzhangirov: After immigration to America I having no concerts in Russia. I with pleasure would appear. And I were not in Tatarstan, but very much I wants to go there.

Urbanlife.fi: You had a new disk in August, tell about it.

Eldar Dzhangirov: The new disk will be called as VIRTUE and will quit on August 25. It as mirror. This disk a good index that happened in my life to what I wants to come in the music. Each actor should be in progress, in the course of achievement of satisfaction.

«Parents should start. My parents — the most good parents on light, I very much am proud of them, they g me many possibilities and g music»

Urbanlife.fi: As you considered, why many was engaged in the childhood in music, and was talented, but teenagers thrown occupations.

Eldar Dzhangirov: How many people, was so much levels of love to music, this level of love also let's pulse practise music, and it are necessary to support this pulse permanently.

Urbanlife.fi: You could give what council to parents at which talented child.

Eldar Dzhangirov: Parents should start. My parents — the most good parents on light, I very much am proud of them, they g me many possibilities and g music. My mum the teacher of music, the father always were fond of music and when I were small, I permanently hearing musical compositions. Mum learning me to play classical products the piano.

Urbanlife.fi: What interests at you?

Eldar Dzhangirov: In the core I practises music, but as I likes to visit concerts with friends, to watch a film at a cinema. I goes in for sports — I runs in the mornings.

Urbanlife.fi: Your answer for certain will interest a fine half of mankind. What for you the ideal girl?

Eldar Dzhangirov (smiled): That girl with whom you could talk on intelligent subjects that with it interesting would be.

Now Eldar lived in New York, at it extensive concert activity, in the 22nd year, he achieving very big results, him respected in a pattern of a jazz and designated the brilliant future on a musical Olympus. We wished Eldaru to remain same open, and cheerful, to save in heart love to music and to reach the desirable.


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