The first mosque in New York was built by Tatars

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The first mosque in New York was built by Tatars

The historical building are in the most city centre in Brooklyn to the address: 106 Powers. And had construct a wooden mosque in the end of the XIX beginning the XX-th centuries which have arriv to America tartars. It natives of Poland, Lithuania and Belarus and consequently they was nam «lipkinsky tartars». They had lodg here an eyelids ago, and by today here are more their there units.

Today to get to a mosque it had appear difficult as it had appear it are clos. According to mister Neytana, doors it opened not more often than an once in a month.

- This, in my opinion, cult construction and here gathered small group of people which usually waited a funeral of the dead man. The greatest I here seeing group of Moslems - the person twenty are more their.

To us had ha the luck to meet with mister Alanom Panovichem – the Tatar from Poland in fourth generation. Here that he to us had t:

- Our ancestors here had organiz the community in February, 1907 and nam it «The organisation of the American Tatars Mohammedans. Earlier our ward were numerous enough. For these years all had part on different cities of America. In New York lived a small number of Tatars. And the city are very great, the way to a mosque occupied a lot of time that is why our fellow tribesmen gathered here very seldom and in connection with a sad occasion – death somebody from members of our society or concerning business meetings.

It agreed to the historical documents which have reach us, in 1867 imam Ibrahim Rayetsky had extend any document assur by the press among church-goers, and it meant that the house of the Allah existing already during that far time. Till now were considered that the very first mosque on the American continent had been construct in 1888 in Chicago.

Now inside the mosque reminded a warehouse and are fe that here the foot of the person for a long time doing not go. In a hall on the ground floor tables and chairs have been plac. Here meetings of inhabitants of ward was h and various actions was arrang. There are also a library in whom there was a lot of books in Russian, Arabian, English and Polish languages. In spite of the fact that the mosque had rich history, it had appear to get the big problem to it to read a Mohammedan prayer as it were on the lock.

- We tr to hold the mosque open a door for days on end, Alan Panovich had complain, however were nobody. I at all does not know the it to explain, probably, the that it are locat in not populous place, and here it are few Moslems. The number of Tatars too had decreas, and in former years for a month Ramadan we organiz large actions. Today at us hazrata even are not present. During a Mohammedan prayer someone from church-goers became the imam. Earlier хутбы read in the Polish and English languages, now носителй Polish here is not present. To previous years there arrived Turks, and the service was conducted on Turkish, however in the last two decades of church service are conducted only in English, Alan Panovich told.

In the mosque which had been buil up by tartars, of them reminded only small flag of the Republic Tatarstan who hung at an input in library.

The exact figure about number of Tatars of the Volga region – inhabitants of New York are not present, it are known only that the Crimean Tatars in a city today 10 thousand. The first «lipkinsky tartars» had step into the North American continent, they and the first Moslems of America. After October 1917 when the stream of migrants from Europe to the USA had increas, some members unit muftiyata – Spiritual management of Moslems of Belarus, Lithuania, Poland here had mov. In 1939 the communistic authorities had str resolute blow to clergy «the lipkinskikh of Tatars», but them mufti Jakub Shinkevich led by group of church-goers had ha time to emigrate for the ocean. Jakub hazrat many long years heading ward, were the imam-hatybom and were the present spiritual leader. At were it participation even some books on Moslem faith was publish.

This mosque are remarkable also that unlike other similar constructions who was direct on the southeast, that is there where there are Mecca, this are convert towards the east. Muslim cult constructions of Poland was convert into that party. It ministered once again the proof of that it are construct by natives of Poland.

Today the mosque had the not the best times. Many tartars liv in New York, probably, also done not know about it that is why it the future remained uncertain. And still there are a hope that grandsons the lipkinskikh of Tatars will remember a wooden mosque on Powers 106 and will revive traditions of the grandfathers.

Our inquiry: Lipkinsky tartars compactly settl in XIII-XIV centuries in present territories of Lithuania, Belarus, Poland and Baltic. Them the aggregate number according to 1993 made 26 thousand persons. Now more than 10 thousand Tatars lived in Belarus, 5 thousand in Poland, 4th thousand in Lithuania, and also in Russia, in Ukraine and other countries. They adhered to Moslem doctrine (sunnitsky mazkhab), Christianity (orthodoxy, catholicism, protestantizm). Spoken in the Polish, Belarus, Tatar languages. Writing on the basis of a Latin, Russian and Arabian drawing.