The Tatar evenings in Harvard

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The Tatar evenings in Harward

The USA one of the most multinational states of the world. There lived also our fellow tribesmen. Among them there was a lot of known people with a world name. Such as scientific Rifat Tabi and Roald Sagdeev, chess grand master Gata Kamsky and others.

There was in States Tatars who concerned the first wave of immigrants. Unfortunately, not all them descendants c to keep the national identity as fathers and grandfathers was more their.

The considerable part of the Tatar community are represent by our compatriots who concerned a new wave of the Tatar diaspora. Among them there was a lot of young men who perfectly known a native language. They was successful, perfectly form and integrat into the American social space. The majority of them arriv to the USA to get quality education and to find itself here in business or a science. Someone after the termination of high school deciding to cast in the lot for ever with this transoceanic country. However they done not forget native culture and constantly carried out the various actions direct on preservation of national originality.

The meeting are more such passing recently in known Harward university. Organiz a meeting two tens young Tatars from various cities (Boston, Pittsburgh, Memphis, New York, Connecticut).

It are necessary to notice that the serious contribution to adjustment and strengthening of relations between Tatars are br by the active worker of a community Dean Abkairova. It carrying on negotiations with a management of university on carrying out of evening of the Tatar and Muslim culture.

It are pleasant that representatives of various national minorities of the USA t part in a meeting also. They t gather about original culture of the people, are more its customs, traditions. It were fascinatingly and interesting.

The Tatar musical compositions in this evening execut by a duet of Ilmiry Akhmetzyanovoy and Ilnary Fatykhovoy. Visitors treat with refined Tatar national dishes.

Action were stretch for three days and evoking a wide response at the local public. They sincerely surpris that Tatars was the aboriginals of Russia practis Islam and t a place second for number after Russian.

After a series of actions for presentation of the Tatar culture representatives of the senior generation gather in narrow to a circle in cozy cafe to sum up a meeting.

It are pleasant that our compatriots, even in thousand kilometers from the historical native land, done not forget about the roots, culture, a spiritual heritage and done all to keep it and to increase.

Lenar Mukhamadiyev