America eyes of the Tatar

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America eyes of the Tatar

Irek Bikkinin

America – the country multinational. Are there and Tatars.

In America today lived two groups of Tatars. They represented old and new Tatar immigrations. The path of the first group to America were very long and difficult. The majority of members of this group after dissolving of imperial Russia r from Bolsheviks and had lodg in China, Korea and Japan. In 1949-1951 they r already from the Chinese communists to Australia, Turkey and Japan.

Many of them had mov to America still in 1950th years, others through pair decades. Old Tatar emigration are present by such outstanding people, as doctor Sait Salakh, the engineer-yadershchik; professor Onur Senarslan, lives in Washington; turcologist professor Yulay Shamil-oglu. And Tatars of old emigration mainly occurred from Mordovia (Torbeevsky, Atyuryevsky and Kovylkinsky districts).

The association of the American Tatars in the USA had been creat on the basis of the Tatar society of the USA which had ar in 1950th years in New York. Some years engineer Ildar Agish were the leader of association, now by the principal Rustem Burluchi are selected. Activity of Association of the American Tatars specialised in a culturalurological direction (after war and in 1960-70th years there many known Tatar musicians, scientists, chess players, etc.).

The new wave of the Tatar immigration treated to the Post-Soviet period.

Roald Sagdeev, the former director of Institute of space probes of AN of the USSR and the adviser for a science of the former Soviet president of Gorbachev, teaches at university of staff of Merilend.

Other Tatar, Twisted Mirzayanov, one of the most outstanding experts in production of the chemical weapon, was concluded in prison after exposure before the whole world of that fact that Russia, in defiance of the contract signed by it, secretly developed binary neuroparalytic gas. He teaches now at university of Ratgers.

The Gate Kamsky, the champion of the USA on chess of 1991, after defeat in a match of applicants had thr chess and now studied as the doctor.

Now in New York artist Rustam Nur are very popular, it come from Tatarstan. The first pictures in New York which I seeing in the street, belong it to a paintbrush.

Ildar Gabitov from Los Alamos and Nail Akhmadiyev from Canberra (Australia) headed accordingly the American and Australian groups of the scientists which have benefit the grant of the Air Forces of the USA on working out of a web of optiko-fibre link in pool of Pacific ocean. To me had enumerat very many imyon of scientists from Tatars more Soviet - the Russian origin, work in the western countries. But young and perspective post-graduate student Ibrahim Fatkullin from the Kazan university who had ha time to study in postgraduate study of Polytechnic institute of Rensellera were especially remember, training in most prestigious of mathematical institutes of America, Institute of the Courant of the New York university, and now are accept on training in Princeton university. Ibrahim soon should defend the thesis for a doctor's degree, and after all to it only 23rd year!

At the western coast of the USA there are the American Turko-Tatar association (ATTA) which also are engaged cultural - educational activity (the leader - Farit Kilki).

Some scientific USA specialised on probe of history and culture Turkic and, in particular Tatar, the people. Among them native of a family of Tatars emigrants of the Nizhniy Novgorod origin, professor of Viskonsinsky university Yulay Shamil-ogly.

After the I Universal congress of Tatars in the USA by the invitation of the American Tatars had le series of young businessmen Tatarstan. Ha successfully into the American business world, they deposited the contribution and to development of the native land. So, on means of the native of the village Mirzyam of the Arsky region of RT of Damir Safin in his native village will erect a memorial to fellows villager - to Heroes of the Soviet Union and Socialist Work.

Tatars in Washington

     … In Washington I met local Tatars – Omar Acchurin and Sait Salakh. About Omar Acchurin I was told by Irina Koryakova, the teacher of university from Saransk. It communicated with it during training in Washington. And we with Omar corresponded by e-mail.

Sait-aby Salakh – the person in the Tatar world known. It are engineer-yadershchik, had doctoral degree. Sait-aby such live and vigorous that it are impossible to believe that in it to year to it 70 years was execut. Only present, he on pension trained a local soccer team! Sait-aby had t away us with Nailey Hayretdinovoy after excursion and had carr to itself home in Viyenu, suburb of Washington. When we already had almost reach, Sait-aby had t: «Look on the left, it are the house of Robert of Hanssen, the employee of FBI, the well-known spy work to your Russia».

Mother Saita-aby, Faiza-apa, were born in 1912 in the village Tatar Tenishevo of the Atyuryevsky district. It now живёт in the State of Florida, sometimes came to the son. Faiza-ap by phone had t to me that remembered the native village, whence it with mum Azizoy Umyarovnoy and father Abidulloy Abdullatifovichem Sultanovym had le in 1917 to China.

Sait-aby hardly had not depart to space. In 1964-1965 it were the candidate for group of astronauts, but, ha pass all stages of takeoff, were refused. Later Donald Sleyton one of the first seven American astronauts, had apologiz to lobbies, ha t that there were an indicating from the White House not to start up the Moslem in space. By the way, to the USSR and Russia Moslems in space flying much, but us, Tatars, there till now done not start up.

Ravilya-ap, wife Saita-aby, had t that её parents had le from lodg Tatar Yunki of the Torbeevsky district. Except us with Nailey, there still visitors - spouses Iskander and Razyya Badan liv in the same place, in Viyene. Parents too from Tatar Yunok was more their. Behind a table conversation a shell in the Tatar language. Only when we with Nailey at a loss in selection of words, we insert Russian words, and owners – English words. Naily had t that so much on-tatarski spoke for the first time in 20 years, and as it are strange, in America. Ridiculously and sadly: её the husband, the Kazan Tatar Rustem, had t that supposedly it are not necessary to mar children your misharsky dialect. As a result of them children spoken only in Russian.

Tatars in New Mexico

     I communicated with the Tatars living near Santa Fe in the cities of Los Alamos and Albuquerque, especially with Halil Vakhitov and professor Ildar Gabitov much.

Caring worked as the mechanic and carrying me on environs of Santa Fe and Los Alamos much. Halil of not simply mechanics, and mechanics of an ekstra-class. Local mechanics in the core of "part-cheyndzhers", – they changed reserve parts and fabricated regulations. And Caring from breed of mechanics already d out here, which could touch difficult modern drives, adjust operation of thin electronics. Such mechanics here on special to the score, to them was dr up turns.

I cared on "BMW" I brought me to the ranch of the friend Daniel Mansanares, the former member of spetsnaz. Daniel has a special rank "Malboro-Maine". It appears, advertizing clips and a photo for this well-known tobacco company take on its ranch and Daniel personally participates in these shootings.

With Halil and Ildar Gabitov, one of the most known experts of America on fiber-optic communication, we visited the Los-Alamossky museum where there are a lot of exhibits and the stands telling about stories of creation of nuclear bombs. The first nuclear bombs, uranium and plutonium which were dumped to Japan in 1945, were created in Los Alamos. The physicist Fuchs working here reported information to the Soviet agents in the next Santa Fe.

With Ildar we visited Valye Granda is a caldera of the largest volcano in the world, blown up a little millions years ago. The federal government could redeem the main part of a caldera from one rich Texas family only a year ago. Therefore the nature there untouched, wild, types just fine, and ask on the camera. And in the night from Ildar we went to Pooake's Indian reservation and visited there a casino "Kemel Rock".

In Los Alamos I made friends with Ildar's parents. Ravil-aby and Aklimya-apa with pleasure read Taktash's verses from the collection published in Mordovia. For those several times when I happened at them on a visit, we sat and talked about the most different things. Ravil-aby and Aklimya-apa, paying tribute to living conditions in the USA, admitted that nevertheless they want to themselves home, to the Urals. When I asked, whether it was good if all these shops, car, road, smile, good attitude of people to each other to transfer to us to Russia, they unanimously exclaimed: "Yes you that, Irek! At us everything will plunder at once! ! ! " Then all of us laughed – as typically in Russian we perceive things.

When Ravil-aby were already in Los Alamos, it having the heart attack, mitral valve which had seriously damag it. He would live in such condition absolutely not for long. Americans had start to treat Ravilya-aby, without ask about it to the medical insurance, and had then perform process on the change of bottom flap, cost huge money. Such money at his son were not, as Ildar were at this time on business trip in Europe. Americans, ha learn that Ravil-aby were at war with fascists so, were the ally of America, and besides had been wounded under Stalingradom, had discover special funds who had pa almost all treatment are more its, power up and process. It were just in those days when Russia had express support to America in fight against terrorism.

I meeting with families of doctor Kamily Aga and professor Idely Shamiloglu liv in Albuquerque. Both belonged to second generation of old Tatar emigration, them ancestors occurred from the Atyuryevsky district. Aga – the businessman though had doctoral degree, and Shamiloglu worked at faculty of electric and computer machine industry of university of the State of New Mexico. I were that voskhishchyon that though both of them born in America, excellently sp on-tatarski.

Idel with wife Elmira and daughter Selene c to me home. We had s, had talk. And when to Santa Fe had arriv to visit me Camille and his wife Denise, Ildar had join us with wife Nailey from Los Alamos. We had spen five together fine evening at the Italian restaurant "Andiamo". Ridiculously, but five Tatars for dialogue had to use three languages: Tatar, English and Russian. In English sp and underst all, on-tatarski doing not understand Naily, in Russian d not understand Camille and Denise.

Fellow countrymen in New York

     In New York I happened to communicate and to fellow countrymen. Erzyan Konstantin Smolkov works as the programmer in one of the companies at Manhattan, was born in Saransk, it was christened in Ruzaevka.

Most of all I communicated with Vladimir Auzgin, the native of the Penza region. His grandfather and the grandmother are buried in Saransk. Vladimir left in States still in the eighties, it has now three children.

With Ildar Agish, the local businessman with whom got acquainted in Kazan, I spoke only by phone. Ildar from old emigration, his ancestors from the Atyuryevsky district. But in "скедъюл" (daily routine) of Ildar there was no time for a meeting with the fellow countryman.

Renat Sukhov, the deputy chief physician of one of hospitals of New York, helped me councils for medical part, told about features of medical system of the USA. His parents from the village New Kadish of the Elnikovsky district.

But especially much I communicated Sabirdzhan Badretdin with whom I got acquainted in 1992, in Munich. Some its interesting articles were published in our newspaper.

The artist Rustam Nur, a sort from Tatarstan, in 10 years of stay here became the most successful commercial artist of New York. It is going to open the gallery, expands business on other cities of America. Rustam does also charity work – helps orphanage with Naberezhnye Chelny.