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     ... I am open for sentences

Ilkhan Sadri

the Tatar, 33rd year, the musician, are idle. San Francisco, California, USA.

As he spoke: "... I am open for sentences (would prefer the girl who could play on shock and are not afraid of a microphone)".

- Ilkhan, you was a Tatar, born and growing in America. Whether you was interested in the roots in Russia?

- Certainly. In 70th years in the USA the television serial "Roots" in which the one Afro-American researched the roots to slavery in America and Africa were popular. This serial causing a great interest among Americans to genealogy. I then too were inspir by it and making a family tree of our family.

My ancestors from mum Kugushevy. The grandfather of my mother, Hasan Kugushev and his brother Hussein le from Penza to China about 1917. Hussein returning to Kazakhstan in 50th years.

I am grateful to you for the information on my possible ancestors princes of Kugushevykh. I were very glad to learn about the misharsky origin.

- Ilkhan, besides, that you was a Tatar, you also the musician. Whether there was a lot of Tatar musicians in America? Whether you supported contacts with each other?

- As to a question on the Tatar musicians in America, I can tell only about myself as I practically had no contact with other Tatar musicians in California. I cannot even tell, whether there was they here generally.

I only knows that in San-Mateo, near to Birlingeymom, there lived the Tatar by name of Umit Aga who were a singer in the Far East. I could listen, as she fine sang on-tatarski. About it there were a story on "Radio of Azatlyk". She also sang other things, accompanied a big-band of an orchestra. Here it are worthy to write about it.

- In spite of the fact that you lived in America, you felt a Tatar. You done not assimilate?

- In it a merit of my grandmother. My grandmother Zukhra Kugusheva were born in Penza (probably, somewhere in one of villages of the Penza province. - Comment of I.B.), then her family moving in Haylar, in Manchzhuriyu. There it were the director of the Tatar school. It always were the outstanding person and when Tatars gather, it with pleasure taking a microphone in hands to read verses of Gabdully Tukaya or to sing the Tatar songs. When we c to it to Ankara, there always to it a lot of people coming. All of them sp, as my grandmother Zukhra teaching much them. The majority of the Tatar songs which I executes, I learning on hearing, listen to recorder films with record of songs of my grandmother.

I at all does not know titles of some songs. I here plays them for friends and they always was accepted warmly. My friends to Americans like such songs, as "Gpipg", to "Kek of kegrchen», «And tugan tel» and some other. When I were in Kazan bypassing all bookshops in search of books and notes with the Tatar music.

- Tell about other native.

- My mum called the Waist. She lived in San-Mateo's small town, in 20 miles on the south from San Francisco. I often happens at it. We walked on neighborhoods, on woods. Sometimes we walked with it in restaurant, but more often houses we drunk tea, we sat at the computer. Or she prepared something on kitchen, and I plays for it a guitar. I delivering the piano at it in a hall as in the apartment where I now lives, places for the piano it are small.

My brother Bulent are married and lived in Seattle. At it two wonderful kids and they among my most enthusiastic fans. I thinks, yet will not start to understand a word.

- How you supported level of knowledge of the Tatar language, liv in the English-speaking environment?

- Some years I receiving by mail the Tatar logs and newspapers, order them through a local Russian bookshop in San Francisco. The last logs whom I receiving regularly, "Kazan of utlara" and "Idele". I thinks that your electronic newspaper for me will be the considerable source of the Tatar texts and I will read it permanently. I am confident that already buying all Tatar books accessible in San Francisco. I even buying the most boring books if they wr on-tatarski. The best copy of the similar literature - something like the agricultural report whom I buying and studying, if only it doing good to my knowledge of the Tatar language.

In all Russian shops in neighborhoods of San Francisco mine was wr down a name and phone if to them the Tatar books will get. I even visiting library of the Tatar language (which consisted of the Tatar books on the Arabian font, publish in China) at institute of Hoover at Stanford University.

I had even to order a copy are more Russian - the Tatar dictionary (t of the Californian university in Berkeley) because we have English-no Tatar dictionary. I had to translate into Russian and then to use this x-cop are more Russian Tatar / татарско-русским the dictionary. You could present, as to me were difficultly, especially if to consider that I does not know Russian. It are an index of depth of my interest.

- Ilkhan, you looking the electronic version of ours "Tatar newspaper" on the Internet?

- I coming on a site of your newspaper "Tatars of gazetasa", but my computer, apparently, did not support your Tatar fonts. I can read in Turkish, and also on-tatarski Latin and Cyrillic letters, but the font of your newspaper seemed to me not g in to decryption.

- And you try load the Tatar font it agreed instructions and you will see...

- I at last loading a font of Tatars of Tayms and looking at your pages. They was magnificent! Thanks you. Now I will read articles and all material whom you allocat on your site. To see the Tatar texts on the Internet it the miracle are simple! If you c present those difficulties, which I overcoming to find though any Tatar publications, you would understand, why I so am happy that on the Internet there were your newspaper.

- Ilkhan, than you was engaged in life?

- Now I studies in college, I studies computer sciences, and occupations taken away from me a lot of time - the semester approached the end and examinations come nearer very quickly. Besides I plays the guitarist at once in two groups. And also I works over development of musical Veb-sayta on the Internet with songs of our two groups, with any biographic information etc. I as the juggler to whom submit too many subjects and hardly am in time in all. I hopes, by the end of the year our striming-audio of page will be finish and interested persons could download therefrom our songs on the computers.

- Ilkhan, you said, what played at once in two groups?

- Yes, I plays two local groups in San Francisco. One of them "Glemtastik" are called. We played local bars, clubs and on street holidays and now we completed the first album. In an album of 16 songs are a review it are hit and not so hit an era of English of "Glema" of 70th. We played together already more than two years and at us two vocalists (the first man's voice and second female). We played things of T-Rex, The Sweet, Alice Cooper, Gary Glitter, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, New York Dolls, Kiss and others.

- Ilkhan, and what this such - "Glem"?

- «Glem» are a flow in a rock music in the beginning of 70th. It were the answer to conservatism of flow of "Modes" of the end of 60th. Outwardly it expressing in extraordinary clothes when executors similar to any newcomers from space. Many aspects of Glema transfer to style fate - n-rol the end of 70th and 80th. Flow of Glem originating in England and then, with such groups as "Kiss", removing to the United States. It are possible to name an example of English of Glema of 70th David of Bowie, group "Suit", Gary Glittera, Ti-Rex. Elton Dzhona too consider very glemovy.

- Ilkhan, you there in the groups on-tatarski done not sing?

- No, our all songs in English. I plays on are more bass to a guitar and I echoes, but the guitar are more bass are not my main tool. With a youth I were train in game on a classical guitar, on a guitar of a flamenco, and specializing on the East European, Tatar and Russian folk music. In my collection there was some mandolines, four accordions (and also the Tatar accordion - a gift from the Tatar friends with whom I getting acquainted in Helsinki), the piano, a synthesizer, drums, drums and still drums, and I likes to potter with them with all. I can play some Tatar songs on an accordion, but it are more on hearing by ear than my grandmother.

- You telling about group "Glemtastik". And how the second group are called?

- The second group in whom I plays, are called as "Yusakuta". At us the one girl sang, second played drums, and third on are more solo to a guitar. In this group I plays on are more rhythm to a guitar and one more guy with East coast played on are more bass to a guitar. Our material completely the original. We written the majority of songs and permanently we given concerts. We already tens times appear around a gulf of San Francisco - from private receptions till street holidays before thousand people. Our music were better San-Francisco uikli" which telling were estimat by the musical editor of log "That we was similar on "B-52, fl in a hell". I thinks that this most precise description. We manag to work again recently in studio to write down our second compact disk. Engineers with whom we worked, had improbable track records - they wr down in Bob Dylan's past, the Metallica, Pyazzolu's Astor (the most well-known executor of music of a tango on an accordion in the history of Argentina), Sonik Yus and others. Earlier they work in New York, in Austin (Texas), and now for us in Northern California.

They help us to make a compact disk with oblong songs («Ekstendid плэй») with live, but a pure sound, without los thus energetics.

- How often you appeared?

- We played some times in a month departure. On the next week we will have two performances successively. One performance - charity in favor of a female shelter and second - "fate-line-ap" from 5 ensembles.

- And what for in you still to study, if you played groups, earned money?

- Performances with groups started to pay off financially, but with it still there are not enough stability. I walks in technological school to promote in sphere of high technologies. I does not think that game in groups I can stablly and well earn. Sometimes we gained good money, and sometimes masters of clubs given only on pair cans of beer and money for gasoline.

- Ilkhan, you are single, but after all time went?

- Yes, I am idle, but I am open for sentences. Would prefer the girl who could play on shock and are not afraid of a microphone.

- Come to Mordovia. We have many beautiful Tatar girls.

- And what? Here I will take and I will arrive. In Kazan happening, and on the earth of the ancestors - never.

«The Tatar newspaper», Irek Bikkinin

№1-2, 2/10/2000