Masguda Islamovna Shamsutdinova

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Шамсутдинова Масгуда Исламовна

Masguda Islamovna Shamsutdinova

were born on July 1, 1955 in the village Kshlau-Elga of the Askinsky district of the Bashkir ASSR. In 1961 moved in the city of Karaganda (Kazakhstan) and arrived in high special music school for especially exceptional children. In 1974 of M. of Shamsutdinova it were accept on the first course of the Kazan state conservatory on a class of a composition in a class of professor A.B. Luppova.

Since the termination of conservatory in 1979 of M. of Shamsutdinova working as the sound producer at the Kazan studio of the television (1979) manag a musical part at the Kazan State theater of dolls (1980-1985), the musical editor of the television (1985-1991) manag an office of music of the people of the Volga region to the Kazan conservatory (with 1991) Many years going in folklore expeditions on villages, villages of Tatarstan. In 1982 it became a member of the Union of Composers of Soviet Union. The owner of awards and specialprizes for music to films and performances. It possessed tool and choral products of different genres - songs, oratorios, ballets, symphonies.

In 1996-1997 it are train in Royal College of music in Stockholm (Sweden) on department of folklore music. In 2001 Masguda Shamsutdinova defending the dissertation on a theme «Maulid-bayram at Moslems of the Average Volga region». In 2002 moving to the USA, opening the Internet radio www.tatarica.com where round the clock sounded Turkic folklore music and products of the Tatar composers. Honored worker of arts of RT, candidate of philosophical sciences.

In America I am nam by ladies the Lullaby

Under it music solemn opening of a mosque of Kul Sharif taking place. In 2002 it leaving to America, but often enough came to native Kazan. This time the I international festival of modern music of Sofia Gubaidulina of CONCORDIA becoming an occasion to flight lasting many hours through the ocean. T an opportunity, we invit Masgudu Islamovnu in edition.

To Seattle at random

- It are healthy that in Kazan there were a festival of modern music. Usually on a concert of modern music of spectators enticed classics - popular products of Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Wagner, and hardly diluted the program with products of modern composers. And here all are fair, - sharing impressions of Masguda Islamovna.

- How much Kazan public are ready to perceive experimental modern music?

- I can compare the Kazan spectators with young American public. They also thirsted new impressions, was open for new knowledge and emotions.

- You le to America 9 years ago. Uneasy to begin with zero on a new place, in another's country?

- I leaving in 47 years, but it were not my idea. I as the hen brood hen leaving behind the children. My sons curious, as I. Younger Nadir always wanting to be engaged in space technologies, senior Salikh - programming and artificial intelligence. And when we w a green card, decid to go.

- How appear in Seattle?

- The husband wanting to New York, Salikh - in the Silicon Valley, Nadir - to Detroit, but they t: «Choose you!» Blindfold me, I pointing a finger at a USA map and getting to Seattle - a quiet, cozy green town. There I were g the spacious studio apartment. From a window the tremendous kind on the ocean and mountains with snow-white tops opened.

- America gave the chance to be realiz?

- Yes, if you treated kindly to it also America treated kindly you. There the equal launching pad absolutely for all are creat. In America such principle: if at you is not present – to you given. If at you are, from you taken. I bringing to the USA the talented children. Children Americans will be already more their. Sons g there education. Free of charge! The state seriously supported perspective students. Nadiru to realize the dream, it were necessary to obtain the American citizenship and to go to army. It becoming the space engineer, more recently getting good work.

Now my men asked: «Mum where money we will put?» They known that I had a fear to remain hungry. It in me with the childhood: we under. The first apple I trying in 11 years. It were the present «Vau!»

Singing keepers the hanskikh of treasures

- What personally America giving you?

- I in Kazan it were very occup: that lectures, theater, radio, television. On large products there were no time. And there it are completely concentrat on music. Here I comes back on new breath.

- You even receiv the diploma of the translator...

- I having the big desire to study English language. And he laughing over me, scoffing and doing not admit to itself. Each word I on 500 times writing down to remember, as a result receiving the diploma of the translator. For the person anything difficult are not present – only start to do. Now I simply absorbs English, I absorbs it. If earlier when getting to new language environment, there were a sensation of a dark room now becoming much more light. The feeling coming that English smiled to me.

- Masguda Islamovna, who putting in you love to music?

- With the childhood I looks at a subject and I feels it a sound, taste, a smell of this sound. Mum were a beekeeper, it forcing me to leave in 5 mornings on an apiary. We listen, as bees buzzed. She explaining: here it are a sentry bee, here honey, here these will depart for some kilometers to collect are more medical. Mum having very beautiful voice. The father even were jealous, when she singing. Were afraid that everyone who will hear this voice, will fall in love with it. He feeling, what are force... The father were the doctor though the higher education at it were not. He were able to define illnesses on color of eyes and a voice. I too had such ability. On a timbre and intonation I can define, what illness at the person. Many said that my music - a remarkable energizer and the healer.

- You stud the family tree?

- No, but we have a family legend that ancestors on a parent line keepers of keys from the hanskikh of treasuries. Later I understanding, it the most reliable, fair people to whom trust the most expensive.

Sleeplessness - a trouble of mankind

- The unique disk «Lullabies of the world», collect by you, simply subduing America...

- I even am nam by Ladies Lalabay - the Lady the Lullaby. I collects these songs some years. In everyone I hears a sound of a voice of mum. We wr down the most simple people from the different countries. For example, the one man sang a lullaby for the wife. It worked as the nurse, came with night watch tired, could not long fall asleep, and he gently sang lullabies to her. The girl of seven years sang a lullaby for the three-year little sister. There such tremendous, touching stories... In my collection there was lullabies from Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Tunis, Somalia, Vietnam, India, Palestin.

- What united lullabies of the different countries?

- Love. The lullaby are not a song and not music. It are soul of any nation. I names a lullaby a crystal code of parent love. When mother sang a lullaby, she are engaged in magic, original hypnosis. The one woman sang: «My bed such small for my grief...» In the Arabian lullaby it are s: «Sleep, my child when you will fall asleep, you will forget that you hungry». The Greek mum promised: «Sleep, if you fall asleep, I to you will present Constantinople». The Moroccan lullaby sounded so: «Fill up more soon when you will fall asleep, we will go to neighbors to drink tea». Tatar lullaby:« Sleep, in the sleep you will receive as a gift from mum a star». I thinks, the lullaby giving rise to human speech. And the first word expressing tenderness of mother to the child. All animals, birds sung, murlychat, chirped something to the cubs. So they imparted to kids love and knowledge of the world. It are very interesting and useful research work. The mankind suffered from a sleeplessness. It are a serious problem of a civilization, lullabies helped to adjust a dream.

- For certain this project will not be limit to an one disk?

- I had the big dream – to create in Kazan a museum of «A cradle of the world». There cradles of all times and the people should be not simply present and to sound music. In creation of a museum also it the exposition needed to use the newest technologies. That the museum easily c be transform and to the big concert hall, and in cozy exhibition halls, and in a conference hall equip with the modern equipment. All of us it come from a cradle. We wanted to keep the earth. The idea of preservation of the earth should go from here, from Kazan. I had a sensation that soon Kazan became a significant and spiritual city for the whole world.

Missed each other with a volcano

- Felt, how Kazan changed?

- The city very much changing to the best. But much, unfortunately, remained invariable. For example, holes on roads. I comes every year and I notices that in our court yard of holes every year are more increasing. If I having a car, I would bring a bag of gravel and filling up holes that they disturb to nobody. Why people was not c to mind by such simple thought?

- To you it are important, what collective executed your products?

- When executing a symphonic orchestra under control of Alexander Sladkovsky, to me there to do were something. It from music c pull out about what I even forgetting. Besides orchestra young. I adores the young! Plus new tools whom musicians played, – are more super. But if the orchestra played badly, I, of course, can get, something to prompt, advise. And when executed more better, than you writing, you sat and you was surprised: really this your product? It are anyway glad, when my products was execut. I even spreads scores on the Internet. People was surprised: «What you free of charge distributed music, you money c earn on it?» But if I on music earn, I can not compose. Let taken, played, listened!

Fast questions

- What strongest impression of the childhood?

- In 11 years in a musical boarding school of Karaganda I having a cultural shock. I getting to other language environment. Me want to give to a sports boarding school, but to it we d not reach, g to a boarding school musical which were nearby. To arrive there, it were necessary to sing. And I in Russian only a hymn of Soviet Union knowing. At us in the village it every morning by radio s, here I and learning. But so singing, try do not accept!

- You got to extreme situations?

- Yes, it doing not appear nearly in a volcano who waking up in the past to year in Iceland. I flying from the USA to Russia. We with it slightly miss each other. Rubin Abdullin joking about it: «The volcano smoked, the earth shivered, Masguda home rushed!»

- Of what still dreamed, except creation of a museum of «A cradle of the world»?

- I dreams to look in the spring as the steppe blossomed. Before it doing not turn out in any way. The steppe at us, in Seattle, absolutely nearby, all two hours of driving, - mountains passing, and you in the steppe...

Author: Olga of Ivanycheva, Kazan sheets, 12/1/2011 Release № 180

Masguda Shamsutdinova dreamed of the Tatar cosmodrome

     With composer Masgudoy Shamsutdinovoy we me for an hour and a half to a concert within the limits of festival of modern music of a name of Sofia of Gubaidulina of "CONCORDIA". A symphonic orchestra of Tatarstan "Genghis Khan" were going to execute it a symphony, and Shamsutdinova making impression of the person which is absolutely confident success of a forthcoming concert. That she nevertheless worrying, I understanding later.

Upon termination of a concert of Masguda-hanum finding me in crowd and shy enough specifying: "Well as? Well after all all passing?". And it after the long applause and shouts "Bravo!"...

And we beg our conversation with a question on fresh impressions Shamsutdinovoy about Kazan.

- This time I arriving from Seattle to Kazan, and the first that feeling, a mad cold. There and then running in shop in the street Adoratsky and buying a fur cap. And yesterday were in the Collective-farm market so there the same cap cost cheaper on two thousand roubles! To me it becoming very insulting, - Masguda Shamsutdinova complaining. - Never it are necessary to hurry up with purchases!

- Where you stop in Kazan?

- Yes as usual: in the own apartment. When nine years ago I leaving with a family in the USA, doing not begin to sell it. Deciding to let to live in it girls from the village, students. Acquaintances always recommended them to me. I with these girls does not take money, but they paid all municipal accounts. And when I comes, they released to me one of rooms...

- When two years ago we me with you, you t that worked over an oratorio on Hadi Taktasha's product "Tragedy of sons of the Earth"...

- The oratorio are ready. I naming it "Caine and Avel". In a basis - the composition of Taktasha, yes. But also I using a poem of Milton "Los paradise", "Caine" Byron, religious texts... The world premiere of an oratorio will pass in Kazan, it will be execut by student's collectives of our conservatory. I to you while cannot name exact date of a premiere.

- For certain inform on it on the radio station of "Tatarica"?

- Necessarily! By the way, Aysylu... Yesterday I were so it are amaz! Rustema Hosainova from Kazan getting in support of the radio station large enough sum from the unknown person to me. The station broadcast for the whole world, the majority of listeners - Americans. And suddenly such generous gift from the inhabitant of Kazan! Thanks it huge... I even thinking: if each Tatar liv on our planet, listed to me on one rouble I will receive 300 thousand dollars and I can start to build the Tatar cosmodrome!

- In the USA?

- Well. Closer to the equator. My son Nadir dreaming of building of the Tatar cosmodrome with the childhood, now it receiving the diploma of the engineer in aeronautics. And Salikh, the diploma programmer, continued to study artificial intelligence. The robot to itself getting, represented? Me terrified, when I sees, how the robot put a teapot, opened a door... Now all of us lived separately from each other: I both lives in the studio, and I works, sons - rented apartments. And husband Tagir remaining in the house whom we in Seattle rented. But if I suddenly want are tasty to eat or with the car at me any problems, I there and then comes to Tagiru. It at me Jack of all trades!

- In Seattle you worked only on radio?

- I gives lectures on history of the Tatar music, at me there was a lot of invitations. I gives concerts. About my all projects it are possible to learn in a heading of "News" on my official site... And radio are my outlet. I acquaints listeners with the best samples of the Tatar music - with compositions of Zhiganova, Muzafarova, Klyuchareva, Yakhina... With the music, certainly. Any "shirdym-byrdym" on my radio are not present and never will be. Here now I will return and I will necessarily tell about the Kazan festival of "CONCORDIA". About a symphonic orchestra of Tatarstan also are more its the conductor Sladkovsky. I in delight from the maestro, from it talent. Here, in Kazan, yet soon realized, as it are a lot of useful did for Tatarstan.

- Whether it are possible to tell, what you - a celebrity of Seattle?

- I does not know. About me there all told: "About, the same lady of Lullaby!". That is named me "the lady the Lullaby": all known that in multinational Seattle I collects lullabies of nations of the world. In my collection already three hundred lullabies: three hundred stories about love of mother to the child, three hundred unique tunes, three hundred tremendous texts...

- And how you there had a rest?

- Me accept in a society of mushroom pickers. Grant the license. Now with my new friends mushroom pickers I goes to wood. Americans enthusiastically shouted, when seen a mushroom. And I silently always I collects. Also I does not disdain, as they, svinushka and coral milky caps. And at me always the fullest baskets! They, by the way, g me the task to find coordinate of the Kazan mushroom pickers. I can not find in any way. In Kazan if I correctly understands, there are no society of mushroom pickers. It are a pity. My Americans so wanted to be on friendly terms! In rural sense of a word - to be on friendly terms. Simply. Without ulterior motive about benefit. With pleasure to meet and meet in this life again.

- Masguda-hanum, you always the cheerful person?

- I had a light attitude. The tragedy genetically are not inherent in me. I thinks that the tragedy are not inherent in all Tatars. We was nomads as a matter of fact, curious. We very curious people - here is how small cats. And I also composer! It are the happiest trade on light. Because music are both a consolation, and pleasure, and rescue... She to me came. And all that are necessary for me, it only it to write down...

Author: Aysylu Kadyrova, Evening Kazan, 11/15/2011