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Vagiz Sultanbikov

It are considered that work abroad helped self-realisation with life. Among tatarstansky youth the North America used special popularity. There our compatriot – Vagiz Sultanbikov also worked. This 28-year-old Kazan guy, ha end capital school, had graduat in Turkey at university of Bilkent, and then Georgetown had continu to study as the economist in States at university. Ha receiv degree of the master, it worked as an analyst in one of large insurance companies of the USA.

- Vagiz what are priority in the American education system?

- Release of the qualif specialists far not the first purpose of the American universities. For them the main thing – to grow up self-sufficient persons who c think and determine the future critically. Business – same the engine of America.

- Therefore you had cho foreign high school?

- Actually it were interesting to me to look at the world.

- Difficultly were to get over in other country?

- Hardly, but it are possible. If the person had such desire I to it would advise to study and become the professional of the case. Naturally, knowledge of English language are necessary.

- And native, Tatar, you owned?

- Necessarily. I communicates not so it are frequent, as it would be desirable, but happened.

- In the USA many people spoken Russian?

- Yes, very much. Remember at least a film "Brother-2". There was people who so without English and lived in the communities. And not only Russian-speaking. Such there are a lot of and among Latin Americans, Chineses, Koreans …

- You known what the young men work abroad, was registered in enviable grooms?

- (laughed.) Yes, about this myth I hearing. It approximately from the same series that «well there where we was not present».

- And what in America you did not arrange?

- Everywhere there was minuses. By the way, in the USA the problem of emigrants recently are widely discuss. First of all, it are, of course, connect with the illegal immigrants, which absolute majority – Mexicans. And here too there are no one opinion as with them to be. Though they and illegal immigrants, but with pleasure was engaged in a low-wage job where Americans hardly would go. All depended on the concrete person.

I here too concerns Americans differently. For example, at them in a fashion a healthy way of life – they smoked a little and gone in for sports. As a whole, affable and good-natured people. But they possessed not clear to me isolation and isolation from the whole world. They was materialists to the core.

- Probably, they also done not suspect that in the world there are such nation, as Tatars …

- In the majority Americans about Tatars d not hear in general. However, it are not surprising. It are necessary to explain, who we was such.

- And with what after that Tatars at them associated?

- The one American at a word "Tatar" had remember at once Marat Safina. It appeared, it were fond of tennis. Other American had t about resettlement of the Crimean Tatars at Stalin. Someone are interested in our communication with Mongols, remember invasion of Genghis Khan.

- You will return to Tatarstan?

- Probability of returning I does not exclude. By the way, I comes home not so it are frequent, as it would be desirable. For five years had all three times.

- There are such Tatar saying: «Chit ilda sultan bulganche, uz ilemda oltan bul». Russian variant: «Where were born, there and were useful» …

- And, in my opinion, it are translat so: «It are more best to be poor in the homeland, than rich in another's country». Than more better? (laughed.) And if it are serious, the advantage to the people can be br and far from the native land. To take, for example, Gayaza Iskhaki. He had liv the most part of the creative life abroad, and what advantage had br to the people! And Chineses? Abroad them lived about 50 millions, and they put in economy of the country over billion dollars a year. Certainly, in figures with Chineses anybody will not be compar, but my thought, I thinks, you had underst. Plus to all – in America I beginning to identify myself the Tatar and "were ill" with history and culture of the people.

I considers, representatives of different nationalities should communicate, learn each other that there less disagreements. Besides, I already saying that Tatars abroad known not so it are good, as it would be desirable, so in process of possibilities it we will correct!

Rezeda Gizatullina, 1/19/2007