Tatars of Azerbaiyan

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Tatars of Azerbaijan

With the end of the XIX-th century the capital - Azerbaijan the city of Baku became the centre of resettlement of Tatars in Transcaucasia. Here the Tatar migrants rather soft climate, the develop food base, and also affinity of the Azerbaijan language, general religion and tolerance of the Azerbaijan society attract availability of work places on petrocrafts. Still before revolution in Baku there were the big layer of the Tatar intelligency, there newspapers in the Tatar language, books publish, the public thought developing.

In days of the Soviet power the Tatar population had replenish at the expense of r for hunger in the Volga region in 20th years, and also at the expense of the arriv specialists of oil-extracting industry. Oil and petrochemical complexes of Azerbaijan and Tatarstan in Soviet period have been closely connect among themselves. After opening of «Second Baku» on Volga the Azerbaijan oil industry workers help the Tatar colleagues to master new deposits, deliver the oil-field equipment. Hundreds workers of the young oil-extracting industry of Tatarii trained also preparation on petrocrafts of Caspian sea. And after occurrence on the card of Tatarstan of the largest oil refining complex in Nizhnekamsk the valuable hydrocarbonic raw from here going on chemical plants of Sumgait. The close cooperation were in the field of the medical, pharmaceutical, food-processing and tobacco industry. And traditional a cultural contact were various.

Now the quantity of Tatars in Azerbaijan constituted about 15 thousand persons. The overwhelming part of Tatars lived in the Baku megacity. Permanent mission of the Republic Tatarstan in Azerbaijan, «The centre of the Tatar culture of Tukaya» and a republican society of the Tatar culture «Tugan of bodies» was organizers of republican competition «The Tatar song».

In 1996 in Azerbaijan the first organizational meeting of the Tatar community had t place. Departments of a community soon open in districts of Baku and the republic. Main objectives of activity of a community was proclaim – consolidation of all Tatars liv in territory of Azerbaijan, strengthening of friendship between Azerbaijan and Tatar the people.

The Tatar diaspora in Azerbaijan supported contacts with Executive committee of the World congress of Tatars, representatives of diaspora taken part in congresses of the Congress.

In spite of the fact that Tatars of Azerbaijan constituted very small percent of the population of the country, among them there was outstanding persons, such, as the Olympic champion Zemfira Meftakhetdinova. Military pilot Nail Bektemirov were in crew of that helicopter who had br a film crew of Chingiza Mustafayeva to the place of the Hodzhalinsky genocide, had pass all Karabakh war. The former officer 778 battalions of the Baku special troops of Altaf Gyulyakhmedov (Кулахметов) - the artist, the poet, the founder of own style of struggle "a penalty Kaplan" - are the author of the best book about the Karabakh war ""An one-eyed owl" on the way to a hell".

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