125th anniversary Tukaya in Brussels

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125th anniversary Tukaya in Brussels

Celebrations to mark the 125th anniversary of the outstanding Russian poet, talented son Tatar G. Tukai held on April 27 in Brussels. Russian Centre of Science and Culture organized in conjunction with the Union "Tatars in Belgium."

At recital came not only Russian-speaking compatriots, Tatar population of Belgium and native Belgians, the rich and diverse culture of Russia. In the halls of the Center for Science and Culture, an exhibition of works G.Tukaya, as well as the literature on the history and present of Tatarstan, the elements of folk art. Commemorative edition of Gabdulla Tukay Union "Tatars in Belgium" kindly provided the plenipotentiary representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Tatarstan Ravil Akhmetshin. Thanks to his support Belgians were able to get acquainted with the rich literary heritage of the Tatars. It is gratifying that the book fair was deployed not only in Tatar and Russian languages; much of it is presented in English, corresponding to guests' requests Europeans, among them representatives of the Belgian company Softidev, also provided support to the Tatars Belgium.

Opening the meeting, the head of the RCSC Valery Rounov stressed that the name G. Tukai over the years has become more widely known in Russia and abroad, and also stressed the importance of his work in terms of its contribution to the Tatar and specifically, in the broadest sense, in world culture. Valery Borisovich reminded the audience that the 125th anniversary G.Tukaya served as a basis to declare 2011 the Year of Tukaya in Tatarstan, and even here in the capital of the European Union, read poems of the great Russian poet.

In the first part of the evening the audience was presented a documentary about Tukay - "Life and Work" based on R. Khakimov where sounds melancholy note empathy tragic fate Tukaya, admiration for his creative heritage and civic courage. Talk about VIEWED continued further for a cup of hot tea with Tatar national treat - triangles which baked mistress Lily Habirova.

Then was presented a literary-musical part, which includes a poetry reading in the original language, translation into Russian, French and English, piano music and performance of the national anthem "Tugan Tel". Before the start of the second part of the evening chairman of the union "Tatars in Belgium» Lily Valeyeva noted that greatness Tukaya for us that he is the soul of the Tatar people, his conscience and hope, a source of constant inspiration. Each new generation, wherever it lived - in those places, the birthplace of the poet, or far beyond, will comprehend his greatness in new ways, because with Tukaya revival Tatars, and thus in his work, as in the genetic code, laid much of which was manifested in the subsequent spiritual wealth of the Tatar people.

Their translations Tukaevskaya poetry in French presented that day Tatiana Runova. She recalled that Tukaj translated Pushkin, Lermontov, other poets for the Tatar population, and Russian writers translated his works from the Tatar. This is the pledge of friendship and the strength of our multinational Russian state. Tatiana Maksymivna stressed that Tukaj lived pain and the spirit of his time, the dramatic events that changed the face of the Russian Empire. Sufferings and aspirations of the Tatar people were pathos of his poetry, so it is particularly worried poem "On the Russian land," which she translated one of the first. Present in the audience appreciated the Belgians were able to assess how the sound itself Tukaevskaya poetry, his publicist word and himself into French.

Immortal poem "Shurale" sounded from the stage in the performance of the initiative group "Tatars in Belgium" in three linguistic perspectives. With a light hand G. Tukai that for example Pushkin shifted to the poetic language of a plot Tatar fairy tales, Shurale evolved over the last century in most popular Tatar national character. It was named after the first Tatar ballet, it appears in the book illustrations, sculptures, paintings, drawings, arts and crafts.

Guest of honor and became an active participant in the festival honored artist of Russia and People's Artist of Tatarstan Rinat Shakira. Famous pianist, assistant professor of piano at St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, the artistic director of the festival "Names Petersburg", member of the Union of Russia concert figures brought in recital Tukaya in Brussels its unique musical chord. It was he who moved the music Tatar author Farid Yarullin the ballet "Shurale" for piano. Rinat Sagidovich finely comprehended filosfiyu Tukaya poet and tried to convey in the suite suffering leshiya forest, which appears in a fabulous poem is not a tyrant, and the victim, causing the reader rather than fear and sympathy. R.Shakirov noted that Shurale uniqueness lies in the fact that it is the only villain in the Tatar literature, which is the main hero of the work.

As it turned out, this year pianist Shakirov twice involved in the celebrations on the occasion of the anniversary Tukaevskiy. In late February, he played at the opening ceremony at the State Pushkin Museum in Moscow. Also piano siyuta of "Shurale" sounded in April in French province of Brittany, where his performances were. Rinat Sagidovich told that everywhere, in spite of the colors of the public and its national identity, it is this suite has called on the upcoming special interest. Truly, toucans becoming man of the year, the composer said, because the echoes of his work he meets everywhere now. And what in Brussels - the capital of the European Union - a large scale celebration of the anniversary passes G.Tukaya says about the role of the creative heritage vozrostaet Tatar poet in the world. Notes, have gained popularity in Europe suite "Shurale" Rinat Shakirov presented and Union «Tatars in Belgum», wishing success in uniting the Tatars in Belgium through culture.

The evening ended with one of the most famous poems Tukaya "native language." Tatiana Runova read it in Russian yazke, as well as in his own translation into French and Belgian Tatars sang "And Tugan Tel" native Tatar under akkomponement Rinat Shakirov.

Evening devoted to creativity G. Tukaya, aroused great interest and a warm response Visitor Centre of Science and Culture. Participants talked a lot about the great interest in the life-affirming philosophy of the poet, of his own discoveries and asked the organizers to extend the book fair. It is encouraging that most of the exhibits for the exhibition Union "Tatars in Belgium" received a gift from the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation, and the leader of the Union of Regina Valeyeva delivered the precious cargo from Moscow Tukaevsky especially for the anniversary celebrations. Exhibition of books devoted to the 125th anniversary of the birthday of the People `exhibited in the library of the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Brussels until the end of May.

Source: www.tatarlar-deutschland.de