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Tatar prima of the Czech opera Galia Ibragimova

This is the story voice. Voice that sounds his first published on Siberian soil, formation of which was held in the Urals, chasing - in Moscow, and broke his finest hour in the Czech Republic. She - the soloist of the State Opera Prague (Statni opera Praha), Carmen, Amneris in "Aida," Magdalena "Rigoletto" Suzuki in "Madama Butterfly" ... surprising winner of the mezzo-soprano. Prague opera prima donna Galia Ibragimova.

Tonight she sings in "Aida" and she will once again applaud the Prague audience. And while we sit in a comfortable dressing room of the State Opera Prague and Galia Kutdusovna tells when to it was the golden age of her ethnicity and how it gets to every summer Naberezhnye Chelny: through Kazan or Moscow.

Gubaha: Tatar Galina

     - My father Kutdus Suleimanovich Romashkino came from a village in Tatarstan Chistopol district. Mother, Munira Rashatovna from the village Challybash Rybnoslobodskogo district. They met on the boat. Dad was Rechnik. Married and went to work in Siberia. I was born in a small town not far from Osinniki Novokuznetsk. Before I go to school, parents decided to move to the Urals - closer to my mother's sister. So we moved to the city lips. This God forsaken place. Mines, breathing is not possible ... But the nature around gorgeous!

Remembering childhood years, Galia Kutdusovna comments and name of the city, about the origin of which has many versions. She also close one and only: Gubaha name comes from the word "gubiha."

Kutdus abyi and Munira apa were musical people, the house stood player were records with Fleur Suleimanova alpha Avzalov, and among them was one of the legendary recordings of Zara Dolukhanova.

- It was she who gave me a start in life - smiling Galia Ibragimova. - I listened to Cherubino's aria in her performance and also wanted to sing in a voice. A mom and aunt listened Flair Suleimanova alpha Avzalov poplakivali and quietly, missing the native edges.

In a class called Galiyu Galina and called names ... Tartar. The class was unharmonious. And the singer candidly admits that until the 8th grade to be in school, she was not quite comfortable.

- Apart from me in our class had two Tartar, but these boys are carefully concealed their nationality.

After school, girl, dreams sing like Dolukhanova, raced to the City Palace of Culture, where he actively engaged in amateur, acted with propaganda team and read the poem. The final chord concert programs were romances which performed a teacher of Russian language and literature.

- Tatyana Fyodorovna was also a mezzo-soprano. And I just was heard of it.

Who could know that in a few years will become a student Galia Zara Dolukhanova chamber in class Gnesin Institute! In the meantime, over the school. It's time to choose a profession. Galia but decided to go to work. Home was the same plate with Zara Dolukhanova dreams - opera house, but in reality - the City Palace of Culture, where she led the amateur clubs.

A year went by.

Moscow: music Tatar

     - A year later, we left with a friend in Moscow.

- And did learn?

- No. I do not know why I came to the capital. I got a job. In the dry cleaner.

- Only at the cleaners worked for almost a year, I realized that I do not want to live here and so all his life. I went to music school named after the October Revolution. Sang. And I was taken.

Now this school - Moscow State Institute named A.G.Shnitke.

- My favorite teacher Tamara Fedorovna Surkov - amazing woman personifies the best features of a real Russian intelligentsia, of the same kind, which belonged to the artist Nikolai Ge - first saw my name and asked, "Um, Ibragimova ... Are not you Russian?". I say, "No, not Russian. I - Tatar." And she almost clapped her hands, "Oh, Tatars such as musical people". Began the golden time of my nationality. I realized that the music in me - it's my national trait - says Galia Kutdusovna.

Students formed a choir soloists, thereby angering conservative teachers.

- Tamara Fedorovna forbade singing in the choir. A head of the vocal department said: "We are trying to work with you, give you a profession that you do not eat just bread and bread and butter, and all of you in the choir contrive."

Together with Galiya in one thread with her studied another Tartar - bass Sergey Shigabudin. With his light hand Galia Ibragimova nearly became a soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre.

- It was the final year of school. Sergei no reason, no reason offered to audition in Big. We came, signed up for the first round, sang in the Beethoven Hall, in the second round. The second round was held for the Bolshoi. This feeling with nothing compares! Room is huge! It feels like you sing in some black hole.

In Greater Galie and Sergei openly said they were surprised that they were in the second round, because all the places in this year have already been identified ...

- We were offered back in a year.

A year later, Galia has not returned. But there was still-admitted to the Bolshoi in 1997, when she was graduated from the Institute Gnesin, which came after school.

- But in 1997, my husband and I decided to leave the country. In Russia, it was very difficult.

Prague diva Galia Ibragimova

     It is said to be successful, you need a bit of flair, a modicum of luck and tons of perseverance and diligence. In the talent and diligence Galie Kutdusovne not hold. In that year, too, luck was on her side.

- I just took it and went to the opera house. Play. I took. It turned out that the Prague Opera planned to resume "Carmen", and they were looking for a mezzo-soprano. Fate - not otherwise.

Since then, 15 years have passed. Party in Italian, French, German, Czech. Tour of the United States, thousands of miles of touring. And the recognition of the Prague public.

- Yes, I - diva. But it is very seldom that I was completely satisfied with the result. It's probably all Soviet upbringing when constantly strive for the best.

And that is not a day that discovery. Then on tour in Bulgaria master makeup would Tatar, the soloist of the Prague Opera - Tahir Minazhdinova.

- Tahira apa no longer sings. She now teaches vocal. It is thanks to her, I made friends with the guys from the Tatar service "Radio Liberty".

In 2006, Galia Ibragimova first made at the Kazan scene. Theatre named after Musa Jalil, invited her to sing in "Aida."

- I arrived in Kazan. Sang. Everything is wonderful. But I was unpleasantly surprised by the fact that in the Tatar theater does not have its homegrown soloists. All are invited to someone. But such voices from the Tatars! - Says prima, and then adds: "On a visit I certainly did not ask, but if invited to sing in the opera Tatar, lie down with the greatest pleasure".

Every summer, when closed season, Galia Ibragimova board a plane and fly to Tatarstan. Naberezhnye Chelny lives her mother and brother Munir apa Farid.

- Last year, airlines flying Tatar directly from Prague to Kazan. Farid Abyi met me at the international airport "Kazan" and we get to Chelny by car. This is your road so heavy - just horror! Preferred, of course, arrive directly to "Begishevo" - so this summer will fly through the "Sheremetyevo".

When asked about how she would like to go back to Russia, Galia Kutdusovna thought for a moment and then replied, probably not.

- I'm used to live in the Czech Republic. I feel comfortable here and safely. Czech citizenship, I do not intend to take. But permanent residence - Prague. I found here what I was looking.

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