Ravil Raisovich Bukharayev

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Ravil Raisovich Bukharayev

Ravil Raisovich Bukharayev

Ravil Bukharayev – the largest poet of an eyelid – left our world on January 24, 2012. In London in the house the most visible poet, the prose writer, the translator, the playwright, the Honored worker of arts of the Republic of Tatarstan, the public figure Ravil Bukharayev suddenly died.

Many not without the bases esteem him as the most outstanding poet of the modern Tatar world, the considerable Russian poet and the educator. The biography – unusual in usual Ravil Raisovich were born on October 18, 1951 in Kazan in the Newtatar large village in a family of students mathematicians. The father of the future poet Rais Gatich Bukharayev (on April 24 1929, Tomsk — on July 31 2009) – a Dr.Sci.Tech., the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, the professor.

Already at school of Ravil starting to write verses, and after receipt on mekhaniko-mathematical faculty of the Kazan university, beginning to be engaged and transfers with the Tatar language, and also historical researches. In 1974 with distinction finishing the Kazan state university on a speciality of the mathematician and arriving in postgraduate study of the Moscow State University on theoretical cybernetics whom finishing in 1977. The same year it accept in the Union of Writers of the USSR as youngest member in those years. In 1979-1980 it working as the adviser of the Union of Writers of RSFSR for republics of the Volga region and Kalmykia, going across the USSR as the participant of literary festivals and on independent business trips much. Employment by children's transfers le to dramatic art, and in 1984 he beginning to write plays for the Kazan puppet theater which includ into «gold fund» theater and again was put through twenty years («Magic dreams of Apusha»). In 1986. Ravel were award awards of a name of Musa Dzhalily for verses and transfers of classical Tatar poetry.

In 1986-87 Bukharayev on business trip of the joint venture of the USSR studying in the Hungarian language in Budapest, result of that were that it not only becoming the translator of the Hungarian literature, but also the poet in this language. For the wreath of sonnets compos in the Hungarian language – the first in the history of the Hungarian literature! – it accept in Hungarian FOAMS Clubs and the Union of writers of Hungary in 1989.

In 1992, during stay in England, there were priglashyon on Russian BBC service in London where working till May, 2009 as the regular employee and the journalist. For years of stay in Great Britain Bukharayev letting out a number of books about native Tatarstan in English.

For the life writing an order of cорока of books of verses, prose both scientifically - historical and economic - political researches in different languages. Verses writing in Russian, on-tatarski, on Hungarian and English. Translating also classics and contemporaries, and own works with language on language much. Thinking of itself «the citizen of the world». Were a member of many scientific organizations, the frequent participant of the international congresses and conferences worldwide. Member of the Unions of writers of Russia (USSR), Tatarstan and Hungary, member of Executive Council of the European society cultures (Venice); FOAMS centers of Hungary, USA and Great Britain; World academy of art and culture and World congress of poets (USA-Taiwan); International academy of poetry (India); Societies of the Euroasian researches (USA) and many other things. A high recognition … and paradoxes Improbably extensively and multilateral a heritage whom leaving to descendants of Ravil Bukharayev. Whether but otsenyon it contemporaries? About it told here such number of the facts (and, it are far not full). Judged the.

In 2001 it – the citizen any more Russia, and England! – receiving a rank of the Honored worker of culture of the Republic Tatarstan, and in 2006 it are award the State award of a name of Gabdully Tukaya for poetic creativity. In 2011 of nagrazhdyon an award of Unity of the United Nations for «Activity for the Blessing of the People» (Geneva, Switzerland), and also an award "Cultural heritage" of the International Association of Writers (Budapest, Hungary). And the recognition still in 1983 beginning the award of magazine «Rural youth» – a medal «A gold feather». At first he writing in Russian, but in the course of time so improving «second native» Tatar that beginning and to compose on it, and to translate on it with other languages. On October 18, 2011 in Kazan proshyol the holiday of poetry, posvyashchyonny to the 60 anniversary from the date of a birth and to the 40 anniversary are more its than creative activity. In that evening the award of the United Nations to whom it were present by embassies of the Russian Federation to Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Holland were hand over to it. The award were hand over by the known politician and diplomat Vasily Likhachev. Celebrat it and in the Pushkin drawing room of the Museum of a name of A.S.Pushkina in Moscow, and in London. The senior contemporary, the largest writer of 20 century are more its than Chingiz Aitmatov considering that creative achievements was more its «was … for us a discovery of the century not only the Tatar culture, but also all-Russian, and universal …

Products of Bukharayeva was so considerable on sense and forms that it are possible to tell with good reason and with enthusiasm: Ravil Bukharayev – intellectual pride of the nation!» Life of the poet were full of paradoxes and, perhaps, still unsolved secrets. Only ha master the Hungarian language new to, he wrote the most difficult «the higher mathematics of poetry» – a wreath of sonnets (that we already mark). So it entered – practically as the lifetime classic! – at once in literatures in Russian, Tatar, Hungarian and English languages. Owned also to urda and Arabian that даёт «a direct exit» on many sources of Islamic knowledge, both classical, and not indisputable, apocryphal.

The patriot Kazan «the small Native land» and the adherent of the Tatar culture, the native of the Russian universitetsko-intelligent environment, in disposal of the country of the Soviet mode Bukharayev left the Native land and served on the propaganda radio channel of BBC financ and the direct England which historically always resisting to interests of Russia and were among initiators of destruction of last Halifata and a stronghold of Turkic culture and statehood – Ottoman empire.

In England Bukharayev simultaneously translating and publishing much on history, religion and culture of the people. But – ha fe an appeal to active belief – voshyol not in a sunnitsky community of hanafitsky mazkhab traditional for the Kazan Tatars, and in a community of Akhmadiya, which majority of Moslems of the world not признаёт for Islamic, s in it the specialproject of the British special services beg still in 19 century in the north of Hindustan during the colonial period. As far as "akhmadiystvo" disturbing (or helping?) to it to adapt in English mass media, to translate Islamic poetry with the Tatar language, to carry on «dialogue of civilizations and religions» between the countries of the East and the West? Who will explain these paradoxes? By the way, obviously, because of an akhmadiystvo farewell in Kazan were "civil", instead of religious, at Theatre of Kamal.

And, apparently, on it send all, except for leaders of Moslems. So to say goodbye with the deceased c: former mayor of Kazan of Camille Iskhakov, first president of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaymiev, rector of the Kazan conservatory Rubin Abdullin, artist Abrek Abzgildin, announcer Leah Zagidullina, main director of Kachalovsky theater Alexander Slavutsky, professor of philological faculty of KFU Tatyana of Nikolaev … and almost all troupe of Kamalovsky theater … Ceremony of farewell provyol minister of culture of RT of Ayrat Sibagatullin. About it as about the large thinker and about the outstanding contemporary, poet Renat Haris, the director of Institute of history of AN RT Raphael Khakimov, the chairman of the Union of writers of RT of Ilfak Ibragimov, the main director of Kamalovsky theater of Farit Bikchantayev, the main director of theater of dolls of "Ekiyat" Rosa Yapparova sp. In a word – Kazan official such seeing-off expressing the highest respect. Moreover – the burial place of a body are decid to make on the Oldtatar cemetery near a tomb of classic Gabdully Tukaya. …

Perhaps, still early to bring all results of d Bukharayevym of a course of life and literary works. A question of religion – one of the most thin in life and defin literally all. But – at least – we will list the core that it making for studying, propagation, transfer into foreign languages of the Tatar Muslim heritage and for dialogue of civilizations. And in these works to it is not present while the equal. So, in September and October, 2011 in a videostudio of agency of "Tatars inform" with Ravily Bukharayeva's participation proshyol a thematic cycle «Conversations about northern Islam».

It becoming the translator and the composer of the anthology of transfers first in own way with the oldtatar language – «Poetry of Golden Horde», Moscow, Natalis – Ripol the Classic, 2005. In English in London publishing anthologies «Azan. Islamic poetry of Volga region Tatars», 1991 and «The historical anthology of the Tatar poetry», 1998. At last, the most responsible and risky translational business – participation in transfer of senses of the Koran on Russian, together with group of colleagues.

With it about ten years Ahmad and Muscovite Rustam Hamad Valeev work the British arabist of Halit. The presentation passing in 2008 in Kazan – but without participation of Muslim figures of Tatarstan which, I will remind, done not recognize akhmadiysky movement for Islamic. «It is a pity that it were not possible to listen to them, – telling then Ravil Bukharayev, ha learn that ulema of Kazan will not come on a meeting – For us remarks of imams would be valuable. That to disagreements, I considers so: if the person loved the Allah, honored It precepts, prayed, – it are a Moslem. What for to concentrate on distinctions, it are necessary to search for the general».

Address to scientists historians, he telling what, in his opinion, to translate the Koran, ha reproduc it in accuracy, it are impossible. After all it are the especial Book – the main miracle of Islam. Fourteen centuries was more its the text remained such by what it were wr down. The illustrat album «Kazan becoming "portrait" of a favourite city. The captivat capital», London, 1994 – in Russian, English and Tatar languages. The publicism, istoriosofiya and philosophy of Bukharayeva was incarnate in it books «The road God knew where. The book for the Brother», the New world, 1996; «Islam in Russia. Four seasons», London, 1998; «Model of Tatarstan», London, 1999; «President Mintimer Shaymiev and model of Tatarstan», SPb, 2001; «Diaries of existence», SPb, 2003; «Nostalgia on Revelation», M., 2005.

Dzhannat Sergey Marcus