Irek Dzhavdanovich Mukhamedov

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Irek Dzhavdanovich Mukhamedov

Irek Dzhavdanovich Mukhamedov

«In me two cultures – Tatar and Russian» history-kazan.ru

The leading soloist of Royal ballet of London, the best dancer of the world, star of world level of Irek Mukhamedov come from Kazan …

All beginning in 1965 in Kazan when still absolutely small boy Irek Mukhamedov, five years a joy, nothing underst this life, coming together with mum to a choreographic circle of the House of pioneers of the Lenin district. The destiny then were more its are predetermin.

His parents always want, that he were engaged in a choreography, especially mum, after all she could dance on a scene of the Bolshoi theater, but she c not assume in any way that the son are wait by such happiness …

On reaching seven years Irek going to school №122 with profound studying of English language, but studying there a little – all three years. And English language were not necessary to it, after all in choreographic school it had to pass to other language: all ballet terminology – in French. He remembering school with pleasure, and schoolmates, and teachers never forg it.

When Irek of Mohammeds participating in the international competition of ballet dancers and taking there prize-winning places, receiving the telegram with a congratulation from schoolmates and from the first teacher Kapitoliny Ivanovny. It were very pleasant and unexpected surprise.

Only the one person foreseeing then are more its a victory are a head of a choreographic circle of the House of pioneers Veronika Aleksandrovna Martyanova. It allocating it at once from all children and telling to parents that from the boy there will be a sense. It are allocation from crowd forcing Ireka to be in earnest about dances.

Really, if to install belief in the person, to tell that he the best, it and will aspire to it with huge desire and force.

The photo where it in a suit of the Cat together with other children from a circle executed a scene from ballet «A brave portnyazhka» are stor in a family album of Ireka Mukhamedova. Veronica Aleksandrovna not simply learning to carry out pupils various pases, but also entering them into the world of the big ballet. Pupils to whom such teachers come across was happy.

Irek should pass hard examinations in the Moscow choreographic school whom it finishing in 1978. The teacher Alexander Aleksandrovich Prokofyev here were more its. By the way, six pupils and graduates of school receiv the higher awards of IV International competition that proved high level of preparation and professionalism of teachers.

With Margo Perku-Bebizige who were award by the first award, Ireka Mukhamedova connected not only Alma-mater. They together work in the Moscow ensemble «Classical ballet» where Irek receiving distribution after the termination of school. It are distribution were for it the big good luck: if Irek getting to theatrical company it would need more time for creative growth, and in ensemble – each soloist.

The ensemble in whom Irek working, a little than differing from theatrical company. Though it also were called as concert, in it repertoire there also big ballets. The collective of troupe were youth, meant, all equal. There were a possibility to get used to a scene, after all act much, in addition often on tour.

Irek Mukhamedov dancing in «Spring sacred» I.Stravinskogo, in «Romeo and Juliette» S.Prokofyeva. Then, after concerts when Irek feeling weariness, he understanding that knowingly working, knowingly directing all efforts, after all for these for a long time remember minutes it were possible to give all. For this reason Irek Mukhamedov risking to accept the offer of the teacher on Nahum Mantanovicha Azarina's ensemble to become the participant of the international competition.

It were the present check – and not only on a speciality, but also on will power, character. Many Soviet and foreign dancing schools participat in competition. The competition were the strongest.

Sometimes said that competition are similar to examination, but in comparison it the error are conceal. At examination you done not know, about what you will ask, and, ha pull out «the happy ticket», could slip «on hurrah», without kn half of material. At competition similar it are impossible. To you will not set any question. You will answer all. And for all. For the natural data and diligence, for diligence of teachers competence, for understanding of classics and a modern choreography, for sense of style and forms also are more their.

Irek Mukhamedov answering excellent. It are the owner of the main prize of IV competition of ballet dancers, and it meant – nobody surpassing it in skill, in the talent multipl by the hugest diligence.

Thirty three judges unanimously g a palm to our fellow countryman. It allocat with the first round, and in third, danc L. Minkusa's Quixote, it surpassing all expectations. In the press there many enthusiastic responses, one from bright in one of the Moscow newspapers of the chairman of jury of Yury Nikolaevich Grigoryevich. The name of a note about competition «Remember – new names».

It is necessary to result it opinion on our fellow countryman: «The Grand prix – a prize of the Bolshoi theater – getting to the dancer courageous, strong, to the actor of heroic mentality confirm a celebration of life, free open flight. Irek of Mohammeds really revealing during competition, ha show not only the excellent professional data, but also really man's character. On such dancer and the actor, I am confident, will put the ballets authors of dances».

Having worked ten years in the Bolshoi theater, in 1990 Irek it is unexpected for many goes to London. As the basic push to acceptance of such decision that his wife waiting for the child serving. Both of them during that moment underst that all are more their life – both are more its, and are more its, at home and on a scene (if Masha deciding to continue the scenic career), will be subordinat only to the one – to health are more their than children. But to provide normal life to children it are possible anywhere, only not in Russia.

Why London? Before twice they in London with the Bolshoi theater. The city very much were pleasant from the point of view of the organization of life, a life, and the main thing – creative atmosphere. Besides shortly before departure Royal ballet inviting Ireka to dance "Bayadere". So when they arriv, the single invitation turning to a permanent job.

Having moved to England, it didn't replace an occupation. Both the profession, and a circle of friends remained former. As a matter of fact, from one Bolshoi theater it passed into other Bolshoi theater – the Royal opera. Besides, he hadn't to start here everything anew. He was invited not in corps de ballet, and to a role of "star", the leading soloist. All this, of course, helped it to enter without special complications local life.

And now, c on the native earth, he are not sorry about accept then the decision – because for these years changing nothing, maybe, even becoming thinner … And besides children of Ireka – British, both on a birth, and on education. Irek in the life so much time breaking with a familiar spot, forcedly changing cities and the countries in whom living that for the children of such future doing not want. Let they perceived English culture as native. But at the same time he with the wife tried, that they d not forget and that roots was more their all the same in Russia. The main critic Ireka Mukhamedova and the most reliable adviser in work – his wife. She, as anybody another, knew and possibility are more its, and the criterion in creativity are more its. And consequently at present it are the unique person to whom he trusted in the professional plan. Because, whatever rigid times the remark more its, it could be always confident that they are sincere and was truthful. Besides, the wife in the past the ballerina, ten years working in the Bolshoi theater. And it are very important, that the criticism proceeding from the professional.

The person who tried to criticize ballet, should be capable, at least basically, to execute those movements whom the dancer should do on a scene. Because to condemn from outside what you never c and you could not make, – easy as a pie. There, where business concerned psychological treatment of images, – yes, the opinion of any theorist critic could be very useful. But when speech came about purely technical aspect of dance, especially classical, only the professional – choreographer or other dancer who understood our trade here understand and give any council could, known it firsthand, felt all being. And it are not enough such people, and for this reason for it the opinion of his wife are so precious – after all it united all these qualities.

And on the other hand, if to speak about creativity Irek Mukhamedov categorically doing not suit that occurring in the Bolshoi theater, more truly, that there absolutely occurring nothing. For any dancer, since some level, vitally constant updating of repertoire: new ballets, variations, at least new small numbers. But necessarily new! Only thus it are possible to survive in ballet and to remain the creator. Otherwise the person or are trampl down on an one place – at the expense of talent and the natural data, – gradually turn to the handicraftsman, or professional degradation began. Third, unfortunately, it are not g. And in life there came the moment when became clearly that if not to leave the Bolshoi theater you will simply be gone.

In 1997 Irek Mukhamedov arriving to Kazan, it were more its debut in a native city. He never dancing in Kazan, even in those days when working in the Bolshoi theater.

Irek Mukhamedov in Kazan

     What pulling in native Penates of the great actor of the present? «Smoke of the Fatherland»? Nostalgia? Non-realized dream to dance on the earth of ancestors? Probably, both that, and another, and third …

Irek Mukhamedov arriving with the spouse Maria, a seven-year daughter Aleksandra-Chulpan and the one-and-a-half-year-old son Maxim Rasoul. Here it were wait by parents, the brother and numerous admirers. The star of ballet acting in three performances – 15, on October 17 and 19, ha perform parts of Albert in "Gisele", Solora in "Bayadere", Basil in "Quixote". Partners of Ireka in these theatrical evenings of a steel the national actress of RT, the soloist of theater of a name M. Dzhalily Elena Shcheglova and the deserv actress of the Russian Federation the Muscovite Elena Knyazkova.

Arrival to Kazan – to a certain extent summarizing are more its. At all creativity, and any long-term reflections, doubts, alarms. He dreaming to arrive many years to Kazan before ballet career will come to the end it, and to dance here, but all somehow are impossible. For it were pleasantly that it arriving and dancing here by the personal invitation of the President of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaymiev.

«To expensive fellow countryman, outstanding dancer Irek Mukhamedov with admiration of the talent once again show in the homeland, on a scene of the Tatar state opera and ballet theater of a name of Musa Dzhalily, and wishes of creative successes in creation of new scenic images» – such record the President of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaymiev leaving in the album present to the world famous actor.

The journalist of the newspaper "Work" in 2003 when Irek going on tour with the London Royal ballet in the Bolshoi theater, asking it, whether it supported creative contacts with Kazan.

– I dancing there twice, – he answering. – "Quixote", "Giselle" and, in my opinion, "Bayadere".

– You there, probably, national hero …

– Well how to tell. I too seldom for this purpose there appears.

– But, probably, audiences at Mintimer Shaymiev receiv?

– Yes, were on reception at the president. Suggesting it to create in Kazan ballet school. Since then passing seven years, but any certain answer I doing not wait.

Irek Mukhamedov somehow telling to journalists: «I am grateful to Russia and are deeply convinc that to me carrying that I were born the Tatar who growing and were br up generally in Russian culture, in Russian environment. That in me two so various mentalities merg and unit, corresponded to each of which the richest layer of centuries-old traditions, finally, enriching my soul, making it more susceptible to other cultures, allowing are more thin to perceive the world surround me. And though today and I, and my all family we had the British passports, it changed nothing, I will always say with pride that I am a Tatar, I will always consider myself as the citizen of Russia, and it are absolutely unimportant where, I thus lives in what country».

Irek Dzhavdanovich Mukhamedov

     Irek Mukhamedov were born in Kazan in 1960. He studying in the Moscow academy of a choreography. In 1981 winning Gran at and the Gold medal at the International competition of ballet dancers in Moscow. It were invit at once in the Bolshoi theater and becoming the youngest executor of party of Spartacus in the ballet with the same name for all history of statement of Yury of Grigorovich. Within 9 years it were the prime minister of troupe. It the repertoire including the main man's parties in ballets: "Ivan the Terrible", "Quixote", «The swan lake», «Romeo and Juliette», "Giselle", "Raimonda" and «A legend about love». Yury Grigorovich putting party of Boris in ballet "Golden Age" counting on the actor's data of Irek Mukhamedov. In 1988 it were award by the Prize of Hans of Christiaan Andersena as the best dancer of the world.

In 1990 it making the decision on departure from Russia and entering into troupe of Royal ballet in London. It occurrence inspiring Kenneth of Macmillan on statement of a duet with Darci Bassel who were represent on the special evening devot to the 90 anniversary of the Queen of mother in July of that year. In the following seasons it debuting in statements of Royal ballet — in traditional classics and in a wide spectrum of modern roles of the English repertoire includ works of Kenneth of Macmillan (well-known for "Manon" and "Mayerling", and also specially for it creat «Iudino a tree»), Frederica Ashtona («Vain precaution»), Ashley Page and Uilyama Takketa. In 1995 Tuayla Tarp choosing it for a leading role in the first statement on a scene of Royal ballet. In same to year it debuting in not dancing role of the King of Siam in statement «The king and I» at Festival of Kovent Garden. Since then it appeared on the British television in different theatrical roles.

In April, 1992 it forming small own troupe for short dancing seasons in Great Britain and for limits of the incorporated kingdom. For them performances in 1994 at theater of Sadlers Wells in London he inviting Kim Brandstrupa and Ark данс the company to join them. Kim Brandstrup composing for it new ballet — "Othello" in whom it acting for the first time with the company of modern dance. In 1999 Brandstrup creating for it second ballet — "Don Juan".

Mukhamedov receiving many dancing awards everywhere in the world and it were br in an honourable New Year's leaf in January, 2000. From now on are interested in creation of own choreography more and more. In the same year it were invit to put «The swan lake» at the Warsaw National theater, and creating the first ballet for the troupe — «Four horsemen».

In 2003 Mukhamedov putting full-length performance for the London children's ballet — «The prince and the beggar». Since then he creating for itself(himself) some solo numbers, short ballets for students of older years of School of training to art, Thring, and for English National ballet school, and also final number for the Gaul of Benois de la Danse in London where he dancing with students of Royal ballet school. In 2004 the big concert program from products in a genre of the Argentina tango for tours in Norway were charg to it. In 2005 he composing absolutely new version of ballet "Spartacus" for the Hong Kong ballet company.

In 2004 and 2005 Mukhamedov were the teacher and the invit tutor in Royal ballet, English National ballet, the Scottish ballet and Ballet of Bordeaux. It also the main invit teacher at English national ballet school. In 2005 it became the constant teacher at School of dance of Elmkhursta with the assistance of Royal ballet of Birmingham.

In 2007 Irek Mukhamedov accepting a post of the head of ballet troupe of the Athenian opera.