Musa Rustamovich Malikov

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Musa Rustamovich Malikov

Who knows Musa Malikov, who in the '90s called Tatar Robertino Loretti? But many do not know that the family Malikov sing and dad and mom, and now younger brother Musa Geiss. "But now the family ensemble performs rarely Musa studying in Germany," - says "Kazan statements" mom Guzel, which this year became the "woman of the year."

Got married and sang

     Apartment Malikov - symbiosis living room, art studio and museum storerooms. On the tables - discs, records, books and magazines. On the walls - posters international competitions, diplomas, photos. Guzel shows the first available under the arm, where the family ensemble is preparing for another performance: Teen Musa with a violin, a kid with a small accordion Geiss.

- This year for our family rich in joyful events - she continues. - Most important - the 30th anniversary of the joint life and creative activity with my husband Rustam. We got married when I graduated from the School of Music, and he - the conservatory. Now husband singer of opera and chamber of the Tatar State Philharmonic Society named Tukaya. Sings Tatar, Russian and foreign classics. All notice its amazingly beautiful and powerful lyric-dramatic tenor. He learned to play the instrument Bashkir kurai. With concerts traveled almost the entire country, has repeatedly toured abroad. When our honored artist of Bashkortostan and Tatarstan People's Artist is at home, the apartment converted into a concert venue. As soon as he had breakfast once sung! Circle - live sound!

Mom Guzel combines teaching vocal Kazan Academy of Culture and Arts with the management of the choir war and labor veterans' Duslyk "in KC" Saidashev. " And she sings everywhere and always! Also loves Tatar Russian, Turkish, Crimean Tatar songs.

Saxophone replaced vocals

     - The eldest son of Musa - singer and musician from God - says the hostess of a musical family. - I will never forget, as we returned from the wedding of Bashkir village: two years suddenly Tatar Musa sang the song you just heard! In three years he had already left the scene and accompanied himself on a small accordion, four - simply sang with Ilgam Shakirov. At five - he diploma Russian contest Tatar song, a little later - the winner of the Republican contest harmonica.

Having perfect pitch, Musa easily enrolled in a special music school at the Conservatory in violin and studied with Rustem Abyazov talented musician, who now runs a renowned team of La Primavera. Thanks to the efforts of the teacher as early as 6 years old Musa performed Vivaldi's Concerto for Violin and Orchestra. Natural gifts were phenomenal, but they had to be constantly nurtured.

"Malikov Jr. wins listeners kindness and precocious wise humor. He is original and national executed them songs infused lyrics "- read on vinyl in 1992, which adorns the family band photo Rustam, Guzel and Musa Malikov. A record is called, of course, "Esselamegaleykem!" That so, in modern slang, was hit young talent. Many listeners, forgetting the name of the artist, as it is called - Esselamegaleykem!

- I remember when my husband was teaching this song, which he wrote for Tatar composer Reseda Akhiyarova - recalls Guzel. - And Moses came and said: "No! This is my song! "- And immediately became fervently and fun to play it. Then he began to accompany our family ensemble violin, accordion and piano (play it studied in parallel).

The fame of the young talent reached Moscow. Musa won the Grand Prix in the popular 90s contest "Morning Star". By the way, ready to perform on the First Channel, he began writing songs.

- This year marks the 25th anniversary of Musa, and has 25 of his songs - continues to mom. - They sing Venus Ganeeva, Zilya Sungatullina Rafael Sakhabiev and other pop stars Tatar. Songs differ interesting synthesis of Tatar and European music.

Only here until Musa sings and plays ... the saxophone. It is the tool he chose to enter the Academy of Music in Frankfurt am Main. Although the German teachers, listening to young talent, said that the young man is so talented that they are ready to take it on any branch.

- Moses was difficult in the first year. He began to study German in the 11th grade, a year before admission, - says the mother. - So first lectures translated from German into Russian and from Russian - Tatar. But lost quickly catch.

After five years of study Musa offered to attend graduate school in saxophone. Agreeing, he began to vanish in the Academy from 8 am to 10 pm. Besides his scientific adviser, Professor Rinke Bachmann makes every day in addition to play the instrument for five hours. However, the result did not wait: Malikov last year was awarded the International Prize Wagner on saxophone. The award was given for the performing skills of participants to 35.

Musa continues to compose music. His compositions are performed by the German State Orchestra. In short, not only at home but also abroad talent won his way. Talking about this, mom showed last disc with recordings of speeches Musa saxophone. And on the cover it himself - long hair, stylish, smiling ... a foreigner.

- Musa two dreams: to defend his doctoral dissertation at the German Academy of Music and thus get full European education - says Guzel. - And then come home in Kazan, and create a musical collective European level.

Gaysa chose oboe

     - We were expecting our second son Gaysa also sings in two years - says Mom. - And he said: "I will not engage in music!" "How so? We all sing, another life just do not know - I thought then. - So, the kid should open the wonderful world of music! And awaken in him a talent! "

Guzel led to the transfer of three Gais STRC "Tatarstan", "Let us teach you the new song" that she was 13-year-old Moussa. Solely for the sake of the younger son, she organized in the Palace of Culture. Mayakovsky kids musical group of three-year "Song Theatre Musa Malikov." Studio immediately became popular, because at that time the eldest son was already known in Kazan, and parents gladly brought their children there. In the form of a game kids doing vocals, ear training, rhythm. Musa was their accompanist. One year later, the children began to sing in seven languages! A four-Geiss took the little harmonica and began performing on stage with the family ensemble. In five years it has already sent to a special school at the Conservatory in piano. He is now studying at the department of wind oboe. Who would have thought - in the family ensemble Malikov began to accompany two sons!

- Several times we came to visit Moses in Frankfurt am Main. And as a family ensemble gave concerts to the German public, - the interlocutor. - Dad played chicken, Musa - the saxophone and piano, Geiss - oboe, accordion, Kura. And everyone sang in different languages... This year will mark 15 Geis, he wants to follow in the footsteps of his elder brother - also enroll in the Academy of Music in Frankfurt am Main. Guzel Ismagilovna listening, can not help wondering how much time and effort she gives to children to uncover their God-given talents! No coincidence that this year musically gifted mother was awarded the title "Woman of the Year" in the category "Culture and Spirituality."

Author: Natalia Vyatkina

Date: 01/05/2008 Issue number 82/83