Tatars in Sweden

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Tatars in Sweden

Recently from the next creative trip from Sweden returning composer Masguda Shamsutdinova. The story to our correspondent here are more its.

- Of places where Tatars direct in due time in search of happiness, cold Scandinavia are one. I too it were happy, when me invit to Sweden, ha g possibility to create, without afraid of hungry existence. Thus the third part of my monthly grant in 1000 dollars leaving on excursions, purchase of books, visiting of theaters and concerts. Throughout many centuries Sweden were ethnically homogeneous, except for a nationality saami (loparey) - local language minority in the north of the country. Now number of saami made approximately 15 thousand persons (the part from them still are engaged in cultivation of reindeers). More one million person in Sweden was immigrants or had at least the one parent immigrant.

The Tatar people much interesting from the point of view of history it are exhibit at historical museums of Sweden. The trading way of Vikings from the Label obviously passing through territory of Volga Bulgarii. Memorable stones with runichesky inscriptions and an ornament, f out in an ancient site of ancient settlement the Label, decorated many ansamblevy parks of Stockholm.

In reigning of Vitold (1392-1430) Tatar resettlement at the coast of Baltic sea having mass character. Dragged-out wars between descendants of Genghis Khan more its an occasion, the Greatest quantity of Tatars settling in Scandinavia at the time of board of Tamerlana. Known tattare under the name, they mix up with local population and for a long time considered itself as radical Scandinavians.

Mass settling by Tatars of the Swedish earths began in the middle of the XIX-th century. Men from Tatars-mishar of the Nizhniy Novgorod province direct in search of happiness to Baltic and Finland, submit spaces as small traders - korobeynikov and lotochnikov. Then they t away the families, friends. Gradually they manag to generate a social infrastructure, the religious, cultural organizations thanks to whom they not dissolv in another's environment. In Sweden refuges and Tatars of Finland who dr with familiar spots by the Second World War and working migration beg to search. In 1949 in Stockholm the association are organiz, later nam the Islamic society in Sweden - in it in the core immigrants from the Islamic states prevail. However the Swedish Tatars c not keep the ethnic infrastructure as colleagues from Estonia and Finland was more their.

Lack of the sotsioetnichesky organization, propensity to ekzogamiya, absence of an ethnic education system, weak self-checking - the reasons of fast assimilation of Tatars of Sweden.

Last wave of emigrants to Sweden beginning in days of reorganization. Now in Scandinavia it are possible to meet Tatars with all former USSR.

In Europe it are considered most progressively conceiv Tatar Tyurker Suokkan. His father a Turk, mother - from the Nizhniy Novgorod Tatars. Thank I am more its than the moral and financial help, not only, but also my colleagues on art c nearer to this fine country - Sweden. Now he are the deserv pensioner, it had enough time to finish scientific researches on stories of Tatars in Sweden.

The most representative, undoubtedly, Renat Salavatov are. In Tatarstan it remembered as the main conductor of the state symphonic orchestra. Now it conducted in Stockholm, Alma-Ata, Bavaria... Salavatova not lived the first year in Scandinavia, raised two charming daughters Ilnaru and Dinara. Ilnara are the best pianist of Sweden in the age group. Every year parents tried to send to have a rest the daughters to Tatarstan.

I it are treat kindly by destiny as I is in an orbit of attention of my Swedish colleagues. Here And on this trip meeting with the Swedish teacher Gunnar Valkare (pupil Ligeti), showing it the latest works, communicating with colleagues from conservatory of Stockholm where I passing annual training. Meeting with our fellow countryman - Mehmet Sudinom (or Mukhammetshoy Ziganshinym) - the most well-known and dear Tatar of Sweden. I thinks, in 14 years Sweden will solemnly note the 100 anniversary of the son of the High-mountain district, the native of the village Chyrshy. By the way, ancestors founders of this village more its.

It c not return after the Great Patriotic War home. As he said, "were some times kill". Sweden granting it a refuge, for what it infinitely are grateful to it. Despite the 86 years, looked the good fellow. Here he meeting the love - the fine Turkish woman the Sultan hanym which presenting to it two athletes - Naily and Zheviza (our way Chyngyz). Nail lived, in San Francisco, but Mukhammetsha aby said that in air as it business demanded infinite flights from an one point of the globe in another. The younger son worked in corporation of "Volvo". Grandsons known that in them veins the Tatar blood flew. Last years, to pleasure of Mukhammetshi aby, all of them it are more and was interested in destiny of our people more, are more its history.

And here still that. According to Mukhammetshi aby, some years ago any team from Tatarstan going to Sweden. That a word Kazan which are usually wr by Latin letters, are read by Europeans how "Kazakh" (Kazan - Kazah), it are necessary to share half of success with independent Kazakhstan. So our sportsmen (and not only to it) need to represent in logos our Republic Tatarstan more accurately, and that millenium of Kazan and will attribute to Kazakhs.

Arslan Minvaleev

"East express train" №32 (39) 8/17/2001

The Tatar and Bashkir meetings in Stockholm

In Stockholm once a quarter there passed the Tatar meetings.

Action will organize any who will wish to collect people. He simply called to friends and suggested Tatars to arrive in Sweden to a concrete place and certain time. Then others rung round each other and invited to a meeting.

For holidays come not only Tatars and Tatars, but also friends, relatives, husbands, children was more their. Come on meetings the person 30. In Sweden Tatars the person 500, but not all known about existence of a society.

All br with themselves by foods and drinks. Women prepared the Tatar national dishes and treated visitors, men drinks.

Adults on holidays danced and sung the Tatar songs, as once in Soviet period on mayovkas and drinking bouts. Children played games, eaten entertainments. At meetings always easy, cheerful and friendly atmosphere.

Sometimes visitors shown videofilms remov in Tatarstan and Bashkiria who broadcast on the Swedish television.

Also professional actors from Ufa and Kazan which arriv on tour to Sweden was invit. They shown the videos and audio compact discs.

People come to have a rest and relax. To communicate in a native language on whom t them grandfathers and grandmothers. Many, to them to a regret, done not know language, but it not so are important. The main thing on holidays are a cheerful rest and pleasant dialogue.

Tatars essentially done not want to create форенинги, заорганизовывать as done not want that occurred in Russian discos. Here each invit behaved well, or he risked to be not invit next time. It as a matter of fact private parties with a considerable quantity of people.

Information and photo: Boris of Mudaris, www.rurik.se